Dear One,

If you could wonder, you'd probably be wondering why I'm writing to you. But right now you're just a ball of sleepy milk-and-babyhood and at best you'd suck your thumb and whimper a little. I haven't thought of you for a long time but I wandered into a new room in The House today and there you were. It was a completely bright, white room with nothing in it at all but a cot right in the center and you were there, asleep.

You haven't even experienced The House yet because Thirteen created it and you're only One. She was always the moody one, but not very good at naming. Sounds haunted doesn't it? The House is a place for all of us sisters. From you, little One, to Twenty and me, Twenty-One. I stay on the outside and occasionally I come in and visit with you girls. When I become Twenty-Two, Twenty-One will come and join The House permanently. Sounds complex doesn't it? Thirteen was a little strange and twisted. I'm sorry you're going to have to grow up into her, but Fourteen was much better. So just hang in there, won't you?

The House is always changing, depending on the mood of the one outside I think. When Thirteen first created it she went Gothic. Well, I suppose the turrets were niceā€¦but just between you and me, I wonder what she was thinking. Probably not a lot. Fifteen went through a Lord of the Rings period and had hobbits wandering in and out at all times of the night and a permanent smell of mushrooms. But she modeled The House on the Last Homely Home of the West so at least we had good scenery. I've moved us next to the sea now though I suspect Twenty-Two is going to want a mountainside resort.

All the sisters are somewhere in The House, doing whatever they like best. Five has been watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for about ten years now while Seven stays in a room down the hall, surrounded by Enid Blyton books. Sometimes they come out too, to join me for a little while. Just last week the light in the bathroom blew and in the sudden darkness, I heard Four screaming in shock until Twenty-One took over again.

I haven't seen you until now little One, probably because I don't quite remember what you're like. I'm not sure why I suddenly found you, but it's peaceful here in your room. I wish I had come sooner. You could be so many things One, but you didn't. You became me instead. But right now it's nice to sit here with you and think of all the other things we could have been. Did you know that Three wanted to be an astronaut? Five wanted to be a singer until Fifteen discovered she was completely tone deaf. I wonder if you'd like me if you knew me dear One.

I need to go soon because my lab report is due and that's part of the joys of being Twenty-One. (Growing up wasn't all it was cracked up to be.) Sleep as long as you can darling One. Things get tough when you wake up. And if you don't mind, I'll come back some night and sit with you again.

Yours truly,

(In every sense of the phrase)