Angel Story

Prologue – In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing. And then God created the universe. He made the Earth, and endowed it with life. He created plants and animals and life was good. Then God created humans in his own image and gave them the world.

But humans became corrupt. They fell to the seven deadly sins and defied God. God tried to quell the humans desires, but failed. He sent a flood to remake the world, but this new world soon fell to corruption as well. He sent his own son down to cleanse the human's sins, but even this failed.

God was distraught. He could not understand his humans. How can save his children? He pondered for many years over this, as the world still to sin. Then God came up with an answer. God created the perfect humans, without sin and able to generate massive amounts of life energy, or mana, to keep them pure. He split them into two groups. One group was differentiated and each was given a specialty, along with mana wings, which could not be seen by human eyes, to mark them. The others were given solid wings of purest to white. He named his new humans Angels.

He sent the first group down to earth, to try to save the humans. These angels became the Earthbound Angels, mortal beings indistinguishable from normal humans, except for their mana wings.

The other group God kept by his side. These became the Heavenly Angels of which all holy tales speak.

The Earthbound Angels have existed on Earth since early in the First Century A.D. They still exist to this day, still trying to save human beings.

This is the story of one such Angel, the Earthbound Emotional-Class Angel of Sorrow. He just doesn't know it yet...

Updated prologue based on my newest ideas on where I want the story to go.