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so fuck you
and your untouchable face
and fuck you
for existing in the first place
and who am i
that i should be vying for your touch
and who am i
i bet you can't even tell me that much

from the song " Untouchable Face" by ANI DIFRANCO

"Abuelo, tell me again why I have to do this?" Adriana Mendez whined as the pair walked through the airport.

"Because it's an honor! You were chosen-"Out of hundreds of applicants and it will broaden my horizons! Blah blah blah…I know!"

"Adri, I know you don't want to go-"Fuck no! I don't want to go! Abuelo I have one summer left at home! I-"Hush that mouth of yours. You have your whole senior year left and a summer after that," he reprimanded.

"Fine. I'm here aren't I?" Adriana grumbled.

"Yes and I thank you for that," her grandfather answered, kissing her head, "Please nieta, use polite language when we meet your counterpart alright?"

"Yes Abuelo" she sighed, "But if he's a pr-"Adriana! How lovely to see you! Oh and is this handsome man your grandfather?" an all to chipper voice interrupted.

The two turned to see a pink clad woman with short blonde hair and brown eyes rushing towards them.

Adriana winced, "That much pink should be-"Adriana!-"Sorry Abuelo."

"Adriana? That is you isn't it?" the woman called.

Rolling her eyes, Adriana sighed, "Yes ma'm. Abuelo? This is Leslie Carpenter, our chaperone."

"How do you do ma'm?" her grandfather politely asked.

"I'm wonderful and if I'm not mistaken Adri, that is your partner walking towards us."

"Wait who-fuck" she practically yelled, upon seeing the family that was approaching.

"Adriana Mendez if I have to-"Sorry Abuelo" she interrupted.

"Ah… Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery I presume?" Leslie asked, as the adults walked toward them.

"Yes and you must be Ms. Carpenter?" Mrs. Montgomery asked with a smile.

"Yes and where is Jayden?" Leslie asked, cheerily, "We need to board soon."

"He's over there saying goodbye to his girlfriend," Mrs. Montgomery said with a smile, "She's pretty upset about Jay's trip."

Adriana rolled her dark eyes and glanced around. Sure enough, Jayden Montgomery was currently being mauled by his latest bimbo.

"Sick," she whispered.

"What was that Adri?" Leslie asked.

"I think it's sick when people molest each other in public," she replied sweetly.

"Adriana! I thought I told you to watch your language!" her grandfather reprimanded.

"You did. But I didn't say fuck or-"ADRI!-" Ooops sorry," she said, smiling at her grandfather.

"Jayden? I know you are going to miss Elisa. But you need to leave now," Mr. Montgomery called, breaking the awkward silence that had befallen.

As he walked over dragging the bimbo behind him, Adri studied him. Tall, six three at least, shaggy dark brown hair and green eyes. Yep this was the same kid all right. Jay Montgomery has been the resident king of their class since preschool. He is the one guy every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be. Well, every girl but her. Jay exudes confidence…so much so that it is annoying. He is an arrogant, disrespectful ass. The type who Adriana hated on principal.

"Hey Leslie," Jayden said casually, as he joined their group.

"Jayden! Nice to see you again. Now, this is Adriana Mendez. You two will be New Mexico's representatives on this trip," Leslie said happily.

"Hey. How's it going? You don't go to River do you?" Jay asked lazily, not bothering to hide the fact that he was blatantly staring at her chest.

"Yes. We've been in the same classes since pre school genius. And in case you haven't noticed my eyes are up here." Adriana shot back.

"Who said I meant to look at your eyes?"

"Oh how lovely! You two go to the same school?" Leslie chirped, unaware of the Montgomery's embarrassment, "That will make this trip o so much more-"Miserable?" Adriana interrupted.

"Yes… well why don't we get going? I believe they just called our flight," Leslie said quickly.

"Bye Abuelo," Adriana said, giving the old man a hug, "E-mail me ok?"

"Adios Nieta," he said, returning her hug, "Please be civil. Don't say anything you don't mean."

"I hate to break this lovely picture up but Adriana I believe we need to go," Jay said, green eyes dancing.

With one last glance at her grandfather, Adriana stormed past Jay and walked on to the plane. Smirking and giving a slight wave to his parents, the green-eyed boy followed.

"Well," Leslie stammered, "This should be fun!" and with a nod to Jay's parents, girlfriend, and Adri's grandfather, followed the teens onto the plane.

Adriana groaned when she saw Jay put his carry-on next to hers.

"I've already got you moaning? I knew I was good but not that good," he said with a smirk.

"Fuck off."

"My dear Adriana, is that an invitation?" he asked, smiling.

"Look Jay it's bad enough we have to spend the summer together, let alone this flight. You could at least -"What? Join the mile high club with you?" he interrupted smugly.

"You could refrain from talking to me on the flight," she finished coldly.

"You wound me m'lady! All I am trying to do is carry on a pleasant conversation. I figure we should get to know one another if we are going to be working together," Jayden said confidently.

"Why it's not like you care," Adriana snapped, "I've been in school with you for how long now? And you couldn't even remember that simple fact."

"Is that what this is about?" he laughed, "It's called a joke Adriana."

"So? We've known each other since pre-school. Why bot-"Correction, we've been in the same class since pre-school," Jay interrupted, "That hardly qualifies as knowing each other."

"Oh really?" she questioned casually, turning to face the window.

"Yes," Jay replied just as casually.

"I think you underestimate the power of observation," she stated, turning towards him again.

"Oh do I? Fine. Prove it," Jayden demanded.

"Fine. You are Jayden Montgomery-18 years of age. Son of Bryan and Layne Montgomery. Your father is a lawyer and your mother is a party planner. You are the older brother of: Brienne-15, Kiera-14, Noah-11, and Kody-5. You are the captain of the Varsity Soccer and Basketball teams and co-captain of the Football team with your best friends. You are a senior at River Rock High School in New Mexico, USA. Current flavor of the week- Elisa Michals. Your best friends are Derek Whitby, Alexander James, and Chase Oliver," Adriana stated smoothly, "Did I forget anything?"


"No just observant. You can't just not notice things. It's a sign of a weak mind," she said, rolling her dark brown eyes at him.

"Are you saying I have a weak mind?" Jayden demanded, green eyes icy and defensive.

"Wow you're really quick on the uptake," Adri said, smirking at him.

"Who says I don't notice things?" Jay retorted.

Adriana just looked at him. All she saw was the kind of guy you love to hate. She had lived her life hating Jay and his followers on principal. They were the group of kids who made her life miserable. In elementary school, these boys pushed kids like her off the swings, claiming that they owned the playground. In junior high, it was the same. They picked on her for her lack of, well, everything. In high school, they "discovered" the wonders of girls and beer. In high school they began to project an aura of indifference towards her; choosing to pay more attention to their latest bimbo and she liked it that way.

It was unnerving, now, to have him talking to her. One of the nicer things people called her was an Untouchable Ice Queen. Untouchable and she liked it that way, because if she remained in her comfort zone nothing could bother her. With her trademark smirk and snappy comebacks, she survived. It was time to live up to her name.

"Fine. I'll prove it to you," Jay continued, "You are Adriana Mendez. Senior at River Rock High School." He stopped.

"See?" she demanded, "Weak mind."

"Fine then, Adriana Mendez. Why don't we just take advantage of this flight to help me get to know you better?" Jay suggested smoothly, "After all I'd hate to not know my fellow Ambassador."

"Why the fuck do you care?" Adri demanded, turning to face the window, "You have the perfect life. You come from a Stepford family. Stop pretending you care."

"Perfect? Hah that's a laugh," Jay said darkly, "You don't know me as well as you think Adriana."

"Why does Mr. Perfect get an occasional detention?" she asked angrily.

"If you only knew-"Enlighten me then Jay," Adri interrupted, fed up with this conversation.

"Why? I thought you knew everything?"

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