If Only You Had Been There

Tears would stream down my face,

everyday after school

since you had left me for someone else.

I was no longer me

for I had changed.

The bulling got worse,

because you no longer were there to help.

My grades were slipping,

because you had been my tutor on life and school.

My enthusiasm in anything vanished

because you created the enthusiasm.

Now as I sit here in my room,

wondering which way was right.

None were,

not the knife, gun, or pills.

I settled on the pills anyways.

They were halfway down my throat,

When you called to apologize.

To late,

To bad,

I was gone.

I was dead.

I never found our your

Love for me.

I never saw your tears.

If only you had been there,

death would have not parted us so soon.

If only you had been there,

I would be with you,

many years later,

when you still miss me.

If only you had been there.