As I fall asleep on the power tan sand, the island comes to life. The waves roll up and down. Each wave is different, some small and some large, but each one enjoying what they do. The ocean sparkles a glittery sparkle with and occasional while breaker or an animal taking some air.

A breeze rustles my flickering fire and stirs up the vegetation. The yellow, flickering hands reach out and warm me and provide light for quite a distance. The greenish long grass gracefully dances from side to side in beat with the winds music. The trees sway their branches along with the music, twirling their leaves like ballerinas. An owl sticks its head out and calls out into the night.

My head turns to face the starry night sky. The moon, like a mother to all of us, looks down at her children every night and gives them light and warmth. The stars represent the people that will come and people that have gone. Always remember though, a spirit never dies, only the body. Every star is belonging to their own family and constellation.

A big wave reaches up to claim me with the power of the wet hands. Instead on bringing me into the glittery ocean, it blankets the fire and darkness takes over. My eyes pop open and I sit up, looking into the beauty of the night. The Great Mother gives me light and the stars guide me, I walk home.