The group listened keenly as K1 spoke. He remained still throughout the reading, as if the fire in front of him spat out words instead of ash. He waited as he drew an artificial breath, and leaned back to indicate he was done.

"Of course, there's more to it than that. Far more." The clawed monk looked at his Gun-arm solemnly. Neon laid on his back, his glowing hair now contesting the stars in brilliance. Charles looked back at Neon, then turned to the smallest purple hood in the group. Occupying it were two glimmering golden eyes, like twin moons, hidden inside the three-sizes-too-big hood.

"You know, Neon, that day we found you, part of the prophecy had predicted the very spot, right in the city. K1 pulled back the rubble, and there you were, sleeping soundly." The undead monk heard some sort of mechanical snort, almost a click, from K1.

"Everything's in the bloody prophecy." Charles pulled back the three-sizes-too-big hood, revealing the owner of the moon eyes.

"Almost everything." The girl was only a year younger than Neon, and her jet-black hair was a sharp contrast to Neon's. Her hands barely made it out of her sleeves, so that only her fingers showed. "Although we were certain Neon would be there, we weren't expecting his sister."

Another snort from K1. "To say the least", he muttered.

"What do you mean, there's two of them?!" One of the monks cried.

"Just a guess, but the one with the freaky hair looks more likely to be the Chosen One." K1 remarked. He enjoyed watching Brother Franz panic, the over-zealous bastard dancing around the rubble with combined excitement and confusion. Finally he calmed himself and picked up the boy.

"Right, then, let's head back to the monastery."

"Wait, what about the girl?" The baby girl began wailing again, and Charles picked her up. She instantly stopped crying, and gazed at the undead monk. Those innocent wide eyes melted his heart- well, what bits of it hadn't rotted away already, but still. He looked up, and saw Brother Franz attempting to climb back up with the boy in his arm. His other arm was currently being gripped by K1, and trying fiercely to break free.

"We have the boy, now let's go!" Franz jerked at his arm again, but there was no hope for it. K1's claws were a steel trap, from which there was no escape.

"Don't you have any sense of deceny in you? You'd let a child starve because of a stupid prophecy?"

"She's not in the prophecy-"

"-I don't give a damn about the prophecy, she's coming with us! Unless you'd like to take her place." Brother Franz stopped, and glared at K1. There was no use trying to stare down something that didn't blink.

"Fine. We'll take the girl as well." K1's claws clinked, and Brother Franz's arm hung limply from its owner. Charles held the girl gently, rocking her back and forth.

"She needs a name." He decided quietly, so as not to disturb her. K1 and Brother Franz both stared, for their own names. Franz began saying, "It's not in the prophecy", but his limp arm told him otherwise. K1 stepped forward, taking the baby boy from Franz, and walked it over to Charles.

"Frankly, Charles, I'm not good with names. I just go by my product number, you'll have to name the girl, too." Charles glanced back and forth between the two babies, the sun and the moon sleeping side by side. Finally, he made his decision.

"Neon... and Sulfur."