Alexander's Broken Doll

Chapter One: I Wish I Could Just Piece You Back Together

06142007 – 0237P

My eyes combed the field quickly, peering through the overgrown grass for a flash of lavender gingham.

" Alexander," the sweet voice called out. "Betcha can't catch me. Try to catch me Alexander! Tag, you're it!"

I finally spotted her, crouched a few yards away. She giggled when my eyes met her sparkling blue ones and she stood, smiling innocently for a moment before dashing off, her long, white-blonde hair trailing behind her.

"Try to catch me!" she squealed. I took off across the field after her, running with all of my might, but she always seemed to be getting further away. "You're so slow," she taunted. "You'll never catch me, Alexander!"

" Alex, baby," a voice slurred and I sat straight up, a cold sweat drenching my body, to find that someone was straddling my legs in bed. "Whassamatter? Did you have a bad dream or something?"

"Uh…" I struggled to remember. "I… yeah… No, I'm fine."

"Well, now that you're awake," Alice's voice was mischievous as she shifted higher up on my legs, "I wanna do it."

Her breath hit me full in the face when she leaned closer and I almost gagged at the stench. "No, Alice, you're drunk."

"No I'm not, I only had two drinks," she protested, holding up three fingers. God, she's such a stereotypical drunk, I swear…

"Yes you are. Just sleep it off; we'll talk in the morning."

"Mmm… I love you, Alex-zander," she cooed at me.

"Love you too, Alice," I replied, but she was already asleep. Or rather, passed out. She hadn't even bothered to get out of her party clothes. She was wearing a pair of tight low riders and a shiny purple halter top with spiky black stiletto heels. Her dramatic makeup was smudged slightly, and her short, ironed straightened blonde locks were slightly tangled.

I was suddenly overcome by the need to throw something. Hard. Because the girl that I fell in love with when I was only eight, has grown into this woman… this woman that I hardly know.


AN: Not so much this particular story, but this subject, how people grow up and drift apart, has been in my mind for a very long time. It's a short first chappy, I know, but I think it's a good start.

This story is different from my others. It's not slash. At all. And it won't be. But I hope that doesn't deter my readers. I'm trying to branch out a bit. Please support me::puppy eyes::

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