She kisses him softly with the
Pearls strung from her neck
Not like the other girls'
Choking their throats so
Perfectly round and shimmering
White miniature moons captured
Softly placed against smooth skin

Hers is the broken silk
Black and knotted in
Mismatched places ugly
Misshaped rocks clinging
To her scarred neck like
Shriveled flowers rotting
Disgustingly sweet aromas
Lifting from her throat to
His mouth he hears them

The singsong voice of those
Yellowed stones breathing
Mystery into his mouth as
He runs his lips across her
Bones drying the moisture
Lifting up her mediocrity
Sinking into the fantasy

Her nails are curled and
Crawl beneath his skin his
Shirt lifting up the flesh
And drinking in the flow
Red pulsing on her fingertips

She is malicious and enticing
Daydreams nightmares bleached
Into her eyes as she lifts them
Up to his mesmerizing with
Oceans and rainstorms death
And destruction of everything
He wants to be her only thing

But men in tuxedos shouldn't
Dance with ugly little girls
Dresses slipping off their
Backs with wings growing
Where shoulders once were
To fly away from disdain and
Rise naked from the floor
Leaving behind the tempted
Boys who wished to be men

No don't trust the other ones
Original ideas and mysteries
Floating in their heads while
Whispers of hypocrisy slip
Off of the pretty girls' lips
Because they're different but
Not quite special and will
Only leave you in Hell
Laughing as you tumble down

Believe me now
I'm one of them