There was blackness and objects whirled over the chaos of infinity. Celestial bodies produced a plethora of gods and goddesses over untold times, arising from the rocky plains.

The Earth was a bubbling pool of lava and all else was dark. Eons passed and still the lava Earth lay spread across the solid mass beneath it. Then one day, a goddess of the sky formed above the lava, rising up from the steam. She was a most beautiful goddess and for one million years, she stared at the fiery wasteland beneath her. She was a goddess of beauty and love and so it broke her heart to look at that empty morass. With one tear, she began to weep. As the tear splashed upon the surface, a flower jumped out. It was a gorgeous flower, so charming and graceful that the lava couldn't hurt it. More tears landed and more flowers popped out. Other pretty things appeared. Bushes, trees, herbs, colors. The beauty of these objects caused the lava to tumble and shake. The Earth rumbled with such venomous force that the lava collided and became land. Now there were beautiful landscapes and hills and mountains and valleys. But it was too late for the goddess. As she continued to weep, her entire body melted away, and she rained onto the Earth, thus forming the world's ocean.

Now all was silent and the Earth lay dormant as time immemorial elapsed. No crickets chirped in the fields, no birds sang in the morning, as no animals yet existed. The land was gathered together in a single mass and there were no islands yet during this period.

The earth became sentient and was a goddess of green. A god looked down upon her from the stars above and they procreated together. Their offspring were giants, some of them bigger than the mountains. These were the behemoths, born of earth and sky, and masters of such realms. Not to doubt, they trusted they could even rein in the ocean. The earth goddess, the god above, and the ten behemoths lived peaceably for a time.

There came a day when the youngest behemoth beheld the power his siblings and his god-parents possessed and he desired all power for himself. Similarly, his nine brothers each fixed their greed on something. One wanted all wealth; another wanted all land; a third all sea; all the heavens; all praise; all authority; all light; one even wanted all knowledge and it's a well-known fact that one cannot have all knowledge to himself unless everything else is dead; and the eldest, he desired everything. Day by day their lusts grew and they quarreled amongst themselves until they erupted into the first war. There was a tremor through the whole Earth and everything shook violently. The cataclysm was such that the single land mass fell apart and became many masses. Islands were formed too. Chasms of water, the seas, separated all the land, and their depths go down without end in an inky abyss. This is the underworld. The behemoths' temper flared and the fighting spread throughout the whole world, even unto its rim. It was here at the edge where earth and sea meet void that the behemoths fought each other with fire. There is no land here, no water, not even air. All vessels that stray too far from home will find a great waterfall. North, south, east, west. A desert of flames awaits one below the furnace falls and there is no escape. Heavy smoke is ever on the horizon and the frontier of fire advances inward. Ever closer it will come at a minute pace until it reaches the center of the world and such will be the end of all things.

At last, the Behemoths' War was over, and not a whisper stirred, for they had slain one and all in their folly. All was dead and there were no more gods. The sky darkened and rifts materialized in the sky's fabric. It was through these openings in the dome of the sky that water seeped out in the form of rain. These rifts are called clouds, which appear every now and then. The rain pattered the bodies of the dead behemoths and their blood trickled down in a stream of water and fluids. The blood was so great that it took a long journey for it to dilute over woods, swamps, and bogs until it came to an open meadow. Arising out of this mix came the first humans, men and women climbing out of vast pools of blood. The same ambition coursed through their veins that had made its run in the behemoths, they were proud and haughty creatures. And so the meadow became the meadow of mischief for what other meadow would be the entry point of mankind into this fleeting and meaningless life? What other meadow would have the nerve to preserve a remnant of the behemoths? A savage and fruitless life, brief and barbaric.

The humans organized a settlement near the meadow of mischief and called it Enoch. They spent many days building dwellings, gathering whatever food they could find, sewing fig leaf garments.

Now nature contained many spirits; spirits in the grass, spirits in the trees, spirits in the stones man tread. Some things had several spirits, others had few. The grand mouth of the Nile had one whereas a thousand and one dwelt in the sun. Most spirits were good and a few were evil. The good spirits saw that man was without meat and alone and the good spirits agreed to bring about change. They took mud and clay, sticks and rocks, and fashioned animals from them. All animals of the ground, animals at sea, flying animals, insects as well, were created this way. They also took and made such creatures from the soup of elements underground and many materials unheard of. The earliest animals had water rather than blood flowing in their bodies as water is the pure foundation of life, but they likewise became degraded with time.

The humans grew and expanded in a few short years and before long, they journeyed towards the far reaches of the known world. First Mesopotamia was founded, then Egypt, Greece was settled too. And it is here at the foot of Olympus that I conclude my story.