Okay... its been a while since I've even looked at this project. It was one of my favorites back then too... Okay, nothing much to say here. I have one question to those that have read this story before, is this version better? Other than that, enjoy.

Prologue: Darkness of the Past

Some believe that true light is within darkness, but you can only seem to find the darkness within your past, so, discovering true light isn't a path that leads one to look into ones past, but to find the light within the future, the true light, before it is concealed within the darkness of the past.

For me, I am still looking for that light, the light that could define my existence. I had seen it before, and I must find it again…

It was dark during that stage of my life, for six years, darkness was the only thing that I saw, the only thing that I knew. Food came from a slit in the rotten wooden door in front of me, and it too, was slightly rotten. Water that sat still for many days came with it, leaving me almost to faint from a headache everyday. Darkness was killing me, darkness was draining me, darkness was defeating me. On a average day, on a average time, darkness was my only companion, darkness was my only enemy. This is how the story starts; this is how it will end. Or so most would think at this point…

I was still inside that rotten, cursed shack, and it was time for that same, dead, and rotten food. I sat within the corner, seeing noting except the darkness, its black shroud collect evermore around me. My arm felt faint, from the loss of blood against the rotting, infected wood that splintered upward, along with the broken rotten wood that cut my skin as I rolled around restlessly. I was feeling numb all over due to infection, I am amazed that I could actually have the will to live that long.

My food came, rotten, as usual. A molded piece of bread and some tainted water. I desperately crawled to it, scarfing it down, only to nearly throw it up. I chugged the water to keep the food down, but felt a sick tasted in my stomach afterwards. I lied there, gasping in the pain that gathered around my chest. It must have been hours for the time I lied there there, covered in waste, I still wonder how my life did not end then.

It then came, a beam of the sun that seeped through the crack of the door. I looked up, the ray seeping into my eyes; they burned as I turned away. I touched the source, feeling a gap within the wall, something moved, I pushed it. Sunlight filled the room, engulfing me in its brilliance. I lifted my hand to shield my eyes, only to have my hands burn from the lack of the sun. Fear enveloped my body as I saw my true self. My skin was snow white, color was gone. In fear I tried to shake it away. I turned mad and ran around inside the shack, slamming my hand into anything I could find. My hand went completely numb, stained red with the blood pouring from the open wounds that occurred against the wall.

Trying to find some darkness within the shack, I huddled up into a corner away from the sun. I was terrified of it, the rays that burned me, the rays that blinded me. My heart was beating at a deafening rate, and I was completely oblivious as what to do. Curiosity took the better of me in the end, as I went to examine the light again. I put my hand into the light, feeling it burn, I quickly took back my hand.

I tried to look past the light, wondering where it had come from in the first place. I caught a quick glimpse of the outside before I turned my now burning eyes away. I tried to muscle it through, and soon found that my eyes finally adjusted to the light, even though the pain was killing me. I was in disarray to the whole situation at the time. My hand seemed to lose its feeling, staining with my pale white hand with the rose red blood leaking from the large gash that formed from my frenzy. I managed to lift myself from the rotten floor.

I managed to get a slight stagger/limp going to get away from the shack. My foot hovered above the ground of the shack. Could I really leave this place that I had "lived" for all these years? The place that did a very poor job to sustain my life, but managed to do it anyway? Could I? The answer is pretty obvious now that I think about it. I took that step. As my foot touched the soft dirt of the slightly moist ground surrounding the rotten shack, it felt as if I had stepped into salvation. I took a few more steps forward, with each step sounding the change into a new life. I went deeper into the mess of trees that made up the forest, hearing the bird chirp, the wind blow, rustling the leaves so that it sounds something like a wave. I continued to walk, until I reached a clearing.

In this clearing, the blue glow of the early morning still lingered, giving the place a mystical feel. Adding to this effect was the mist, spreading across the ground to cover it like a thin blanket to a bed. In the center of this place was a crystal clear pond, untainted by anything. I walked up to it and looked down. I saw a boy with pale white skin. His hair was extremely long and had a silver-white color to it, but something made him seem different, beside the obvious facts, of course. It was his eyes, while they had a silvery color to them, I could see something as if it was moving around behind them. I looked at the boy with a face of unparalleled curiosity, he seemed to mimic me.

I did so many movements, yet he seemed to follow me as if he were the same person. I threw my hand into the water, hoping to grab the imposter. Yet all I got was some cold water splashed over my face. Irritated, I jumped into the water to grab the imposter yet again. Except, there was no imposter, the only thing I got out of this was getting slightly cleaned from all the muck that accumulated on me all those years. I splashed around the place, since I didn't know how to swim at the time. I clawed my way onto land, only to hear a slight giggle coming from around me. I looked around, only to see a girl around my age sitting at another end of the pond.

She had long silky black hair with crimson red eyes to compliment them. She looked at me with a slight confused yet interested expression written on her face. I looked at her back with a confused expression, but it was more like one that expressed a look of caution. The girl got up and started to walk towards me.

"It's not everyday that someone fights their reflection, so why were you doing it?" She asked.

To be honest, I had absolutely no idea to what the girl was saying. So, as a reply I cocked my head to the side with a confused look on my face.

"You don't understand me?"

I looked at her with the exact same expression. She knelt down and looked at me.

"You're strange, a moment ago you tried to attack your reflection, now you are so calm, why?"

Now, I can tell that she was asking a rhetorical question due to the fact that I couldn't speak at the time. Then, I gave her yet another puzzled look.

"But don't worry! I'm gonna take good care of you! Just wait and see!" The girl declared.

She stood up and stretched her hand out to me.

"I'm Maya," She introduced.

I had already taken her hand then and stood up with her.

"That's right, you don't have a name… well, why don't I give you one?"

She looked at me long and hard.

"I know! How about…"

"Katsu!" A voice rang in my ears

I shook myself awake. I looked around; I wasn't in forest anymore, but on top of one of many buildings in the city of Tokyo. I shook my head.

"That dream again…" I wondered, before the voice rang in my ears.

"What are you doing? Get back to the mission!" The voice rang, it had a feminine tone with a stern one mixed in it.

"Right…" I replied, standing up.

I looked down the building, seeing a red spot glow and soon turn into a shape of what looked like a stick drawing of a spider. Soon, a black spider the size of a Doberman shot up the wall, its legs making a clicking noise as they rapidly tapped the wall of the building to get to me. I pressed my earpiece.

"Alright, it looks like a small one, should be an easy job,"

"Then do it already," The voice replied.

I gave a sigh before I materialized an orb of white light on its palm. As the spider got to the roof, I fired it at the thing; it soon burst into shards of darkness. I clutched the remaining black orb that was left over. I pressed my earpiece again.

"Essence obtained, think I should head back?"

"Of course! That's the main objective!"

"Quit being so harsh, man."

I release the pressure on the earpiece and think back to my dream.

"Man, why does that always pop up?"

I lifted my hand.

"Ah well, at least it reminds me of that promise…"

I gave a flick and was gone in a flash of white light.

Promises, they always seem to be forgotten at some point in time. I just wonder if she remembers our promise. I just wonder if she remembers me. Maya, my light, I wonder if I even exist in her mind at this time…

-End Prolouge