AN: Okay So this chapter is just kind of a taste of the four main characters and a lil bit of their personalities. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Goodbyes.

"Oh Daddy, do I have to go to this camp? It sounds horrible." Hannah whined.

"Yes Princess, you heard your mother, you have to go." Hannah's father was whipped. He obeyed his wife and daughter's every whim but he agreed with her mother, this camp will be good for Hannah to make new friends and it will be a learning experience. Hannah pouted at her father. He hated it when she did this. "Oh Princess, don't be like that."

"Oh please daddy, I want to go to Florida with Crissy and Sara!"

"Not this year baby, now go finish packing." Hannah crossed her arms and marched up to her room. She flopped down on her king sized bed and phoned her best friends.

"He's letting you go!" Crissy shouted into the phone. Hannah had just told them about the camp.

"That is so not fair! We've gone to Florida since...since...well since forever!" Sara said.

"I know! And I even did the face!" Hannah placed another shirt in the suitcase. She had packed two suitcases and was working on her third. She wanted to look stylish while at this camp and a girl can never have too many outfits, right? One last pair of very cute shorts and she was done. Onto her toiletries and if you know Hannah you'll know that that alone will have its own suitcase. Hannah sighed into the phone. "Well I have to go and pack, ugh this whole summer camp thing is stupid."

"Good luck Hannah!"

"We love you Banana!" Banana was Hannah's nickname.

"Bye Cry and Star!" Hannah and her friends made kissing sounds over the phone and hung up. Hannah finished up packing and went downstairs. "Okay Mother, Daddy, I'm ready to go." They walked out to the waiting limo.


Alex walked down the metal spiral staircase to the bottom level of the New York apartment she and her mother lived in. "Alex you got everything?"

"Uh, yeah mom."

"Okay, and you're sure you want to go to this camp and not go to Jersey?"

"Yes, I already talked to Dad. He knows not I'm going there."

"Okay baby, I want to make sure, I mean this will be the first year that you're not going to your dad's for the summer."

"Mom stop worrying!" Alex's mom hailed a taxi and they jumped in. "I'll be fine, dad is going to be flying and then he'll send Charlie to drive me."

"Oh my baby is growing up!" Alex loved her mom she really did but sometimes, like now, she could be a little embarrassing. Alex sighed. The taxi came to a stop in front of the airport. Alex's mom paid the driver and tipped him extra so he would wait for her.

"Okay honey, now no talking to strangers on the plane and Ellen will watch out for you okay? And make tons of friends at camp. Oh! And don't forget to call me as soon as you're with Charlie okay?"

"Okay mom," Alex sighed at nodded.

"Oh my god!" Alex's mom pulled her daughter into a tight hug and kissed her cheek. "Okay here's your boarding pass and suitcase. I love you Alex!"

"Love you too Mom. Here comes Ellen." Alex took the boarding pass and the one suitcase she had packed. It held all the stuff she would need for two months, which, in all honesty, wasn't very much.

"You ready Alex?" Ellen, one of the many stewardesses that worked with Alex's dad said coming up to them.

"Yup, bye mom, I love you so much." Ellen led Alex away from her almost crying mother. Alex looked back and waved. Ellen then took Alex to the plane her dad was piloting and she grabbed a seat in first class.


"Okay boys, time to come in so Cody can pack." Cody and Bryan's mother called from the front door.

"Awe, but mom, we just started another game!" Bryan whined holding a basketball in his tiny hands.

"C'mon squirt, we'll finish this game when I get back." Cody ruffled his little brother's hair and led him towards the house. Their mother smiled at the two. Ever since their father died almost three years ago Cody has been a good help around the house and with his younger siblings. Bryan followed his brother to his room. He dropped the basketball and sat on the bed.

"Cody, can I help you pack?"

"Of course," Cody pulled out two duffel bags from his closet. "Here you fill this one and I'll do this one okay?"

"Okay!" Bryan grinned and took the duffel bag to the dresser. Opening one of the drawers he flung the clothes into the bag. Cody laughed and opened one of the top drawers. The both of them filled the duffel bags in minutes. When they were finished they went down stairs for dinner.

"Did you get all packed?" Their mother asked as they sat down at the table.

"Yup, Cody let me pack a whole duffel bag with clothes!" Bryan grinned.

"Wow Bryan, you're getting to be such a big boy!" She smiled at the five year old. "Cody, honey, can you dish out his food? I have to check on Kayla." Cody nodded and put spaghetti on Bryan's plate. His mother went to his little sister's room and brought the waking toddler to the table. They ate their dinner and once the dishes were washed and the kids were ready to go, Cody helped his mom pack everyone into the car.

"Mama, Kayla pulled my hair!" Bryan whined from the backseat.

"Bryan she's only a baby. And Kayla be gentle with Bryan, he's sensitive." Cody chuckled at his siblings and looked out his window.

"Cody, can I come to the camp with you?"

"No Bryan, you have to stay with mom and Kayla. When I'm gone you'll have to protect them."

"Awe, but I wanna come with you!" Bryan whined.

"Bryan, no whining." Their mom scolded. "And besides you won't like the camp that Cody is going to."

"Mm, okay...fine" Bryan yawned and rubbed his eyes. "I bet Cody is going to find some yucky girl there and fall in wuv..."

"Fall in what honey?" Their mom glanced in the rear view mirror, Bryan had fallen asleep.


Shawn sat his computer desk, music blasting, fingers typing madly against the keyboard. He was writing to his friends, saying his goodbyes when his mother's small, annoying Pomeranian came running through the open door, barking. Shawn looked over at the dog and threw an eraser at it, hitting its tiny paw. It yelped and ran into her masters arms. His mom slammed off his stereo.

"Shawn! Don't throw things at Bessie!" She scolded "Now get off that damned computer and get in the car!" not wanting to get on his mother's bad side, Shawn quickly typed in some goodbyes and shut down the computer. His mom left the room petting Bessie. Shawn's family was... odd, dysfunctional even. His mom was mean and strict. She pretty much hated his father. Shawn doesn't even know why they got married in the first place. She only cared about Bessie and girls night out days, which was Cocktail Tuesdays, Margarita Wednesdays and Tequila Fridays. His father was an artsy, tree-hugging, animal loving hippie. He was also the rule bender, Shawn's mother set them up, and he went against them. Shawn's older sister was, well a spitting image of their mother looks-wise and personality-wise. Shawn grabbed his suitcase and walked downstairs.

"Shawn!" His mom yelled from the front door.

"Shut up, I'm coming!" Shawn yelled back.

"Hurry and get your shoes on!" His mom demanded and marched to the car. Shawn muttered a stream of profanities under his breath and put on his Vans. He threw his suitcase into the trunk and got into the car, slamming the doors as he went. His father and sister waved from the doorframe of the front door. "You should be grateful that I'm driving you to this camp."

"Yeah, whatever." Shawn muttered.

"I'm missing my weekly mani/pedi because of you." His mom growled. Once they were on the road Shawn quickly turned on his iPod and drowned out the world.