I love the way in which you so imperfectly smile
The way your eyes crinkle when you laugh your loud boisterous laugh
I love the times when we are having so much fun under the summer sun
The times when we scream in delight as we splash the ocean at each other
I love the place where you choose every night for us
The place where dinner is delicious, but never as delicious as you
I love the sound of your voice
The voice which tells me, 'I love you' every single day
I love the ears of which you listen through
The ears that hear me say, 'I love you too' right back at you every single night
I love the lips that press against mine
The lips that are so full of crimson romance and pleasure
I love the tears in which you shed
The tears that mingle with my own when we cry together
I love the hair that stands out in a ruffled mass from your head
The hair that brushes against my cheeks when we kiss
I love the eyes that you use to look at me
The eyes that shine a brilliant topaz hue in the light
I love the love that we share always
The love that will last forever an eternity.