Scarlet Redemption

A porcelain heart breaks

A transparent whisper lies

A cloud of smoke consumes the sky

Then steam begins to rise

A flame has been ignited

Ashes have been blown

A glass bottle has been shattered

You're standing all alone

Yeah, the city has been cleared

And you are all to blame

This is all you get

When you constantly crave fame

By you can be redeemed

Through all of this mess

If you go to the One who died

And to Him you confess

For right now you are scarlet

And the redemption is what you seek

Yet you are too prideful,

Sullen and weak

Scarlet are the letters

That you are given now

But if you open up your heart

And if him coming in you allow

You can be redeemed

For even some great were once in rags

They lived inside their cars

And ate out of small bags

Let God's love write your story
Let His love paint your life

Put away all of your sorrows

Put down your drugs and your knife

Let the only blood you see

Be the blood of Jesus Christ

A gift that is pure and holy

Not something that the devil enticed

Let redemption enter your life

Erase all of your past

Even though your redemption will be scarlet

At least it will last