Pill Happy Existence

Sit back.
And don't question
Any education
You may lack.

It's a pill happy Existence
There is no resistance.
You are empty
You are hollow
There is no leader to follow.

There is a Fire
A mercenary for hire
that consumes all desire
To read that which may lead
you to Feed upon
True Essence of Imagination.

Your family lives in an electric box
Your mind is filled with crying clocks
And cars spit Pop Rocks
At poor passing pedestrians.

There is much "fun" to be found
at home or in town
and if you don't believe me,
watch the White Clown
dance soulessly around on tv.

Vandalize! all free thought
Don't realize the fake joy you've bought
Is a corruption of all you've been taught
About life, liberty, and freedom.

Reporters die for their story
the only entertainment, is that which's gory.
It is the power of the oxymoron
the sad happiness belonging solely
to those living like they're dead.
The poisoning lead inside the head
of the American man,
the grand businessman,
that follows you throughout life
through joy or throughout strife.

It is a blind reality
A false destiny
of those living
like they're dead.