Full Summary: Miekel is a scroll writer for God. Julian is one of the Guards of the Gate for God. Usually, the two classes don't mix. But one accidents makes both of them want each other. But in Heaven, being gay is a sin. And if God found out both of them would be punished. Can Love really break through anything? Or is all that just a lie?


This isn't going to be a long story. It might become long, but it won't be. It's the story that I am writing for my best friend Noelle. Her family is Catholic. She isn't really. but, she knows I like gay things so yeah. we thought of this a couple weeks before school ended. and since I'm nearing then end of my first story, "The Deal", I decided to write the first chapter of this story.

ALSO, I'm writing another story that will be long, fustrating and like The Deal (at least in length wise.) lol. so yeah, please tune in. :D if you havn't read 'The Deal' go do that when your done with this!

Definitions: Earth-Angels: Angels that have lived on Earth (Humans) and died. Found innocent and sent to Heaven. Heaven-Angels: Angels made with Gods hands for several different jobs in Heaven.

another thing I don't believe 'God' thinks gays are wrong. Actually, isn't he suppose to love everyone equally? So doesn't that mean he's technically gay? so Bi? And anyway, I don't think it's wrong in anyway to be like gay, bi or straight. so whatever. :D The way I write and explain things is for writing purposes only. :D

enjoy. xxx

Fallen Angels: Part One

Miekel's POV.

I was only 17 Earth years when I submitted to my first sin. I was so distraught and scared that I hid from everyone for three days. I couldn't hide long though, Father needed my handiwork, and by hiding, I was abandoning him. And that was the biggest sin anyone could ever do.

Especially if you're an angel.

In Heaven, I'm a scroll writer. I mark down the names of the dead. I make the list for people to walk through those large pearly gates and come to their freedom. To come to the world they dream about as they lived on the planet called Earth.

I'm important. In Fathers mind, Angels are not important. But, the job I do is important to him. He had a vision, a vision about Earth and people. Humans, he had a vision of humans. Humans were high ranked in God's mind. They were his everything, his children.

Angels on the other hand, are not his children. The Heaven-Angels were like humans to other humans. Normal. Everyone is perfect in their way, and everyone is beautiful. No one had a flaw.

But flaw is what makes beauty. Every Earth-Angel has a flaw. Every Earth-Angel has a different story, a different place they grew up, a different way they died.

What did Angels have? They had the clay and clouds they were made out of, the same living space and the same experiences. I guess you could say there are different parts of heaven. But, Heaven is almost like a communist country, minus the cut backs.

Everyone got everything they wanted here. Everyone got money, big homes, their dream dog, anything. It was their reward for being God's Children. It was their reward for doing what they were born to do. To live and fulfill God's Purpose.

Angels got what they wanted. And though we lived a bit higher than the Earth-Angels, the Earth-Angels were treated better. When I say Angels live higher, I don't mean in homes. We live on clouds. Of course, the clouds mold to what we need at the time. But none-the-less, we live in big, white, fluffy (and sometimes wet) clouds.

I almost wouldn't be able to bare it. I almost wished I could become a Fallen Angel, just so I could live on Earth. Just so I can become one of God's treasured people.

And especially so I could sin, just a little bit.

Just so I can think about him, and not feel like I'm betraying my father. Just so I can think about him, and not betray God.

Julian's POV.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned…" I spoke barely above a whisper. I didn't want my Father to walk by and accidentally hear me. Even though, God barely walked by any place above the Human-Angels homes.

I sigh.

I can remember the young, flawless features of the scroll writer. His surprised face as I accidentally knocked him over one day. His pieces of parchment instantly falling out of his hands as he gave a quick sorry, he didn't even take the time to see if he was okay or even blame me. He just instantly fell to the ground to pink up to scrolls of the deceased.

I gave him a glare though; I glared at him so harshly that I could feel him squirming underneath my eyes. But, I couldn't glare long. Watching his slender body move to pick up the List, giving him a smart comment and walking off.

I hope I didn't hurt him. Angels like him are weak; they are not built for painful comments or anything physical. They are built for the work done in the large buildings of Heaven. They are built for writing, reading and being scholars.

I was built to be strong; I was built to be a fighter. But specifically, I was built to be one of the Guards of the Gate.

I see the most pathetic humans walk up and beg to be in the gates. I am not secluded like those thin and frail Angels. The Guards of the Gate are tough physically and emotionally.

Any angel like the beautiful scroll writer would cry at the sight of those poor families that are rejected at the gate, his emotions wouldn't be able to take the sadness of all the deceased and how they died. He wouldn't be able to handle to turn down anyone at those large pearly gates.

Only the best of the best become Guards. I am the best of the best, and I take my job seriously.

But at times, I can't help but get distracted. At times, all I can think about is him. And Hopefully, God will never know what my thoughts are. Because if he did, I think he would strip me of my wings.

The City of Heaven

Heaven is a place where the good go. Anyone that has been judged Innocent is sent this way to be given their wings and a new, enjoyable life.

The angels of the city are happy to serve. They believe that if the Humans can go through so much pain on Earth, they should be happy on heaven. Angels learn about the Humans on earth, and so much sympathy is passed around, that any human that walks through those pearly gates will be treated like the richest man or woman in the world. They are their own King or Queen. And not even God could stop them.

Why? Because God wants it, God wants to give them everything they want.

The City of Heaven is a large one. So large that it seems never ending. It's like a world of its own. So many angels, Humans and Heaven Angels alike, so much space, so much to give and enough time.

But some things are never accepted. One of them being Gays, Gays are considered sinful. God, though open minded about the majority of things, does not enjoy his Humans, or even hand made, Angels being gay. He does not enjoy liking the fact that his Angels are not with the opposite sexs.

All the deceased go to hell, and all the angels go to Earth.

When Heaven-Angels are gay, they fall.

When they fall, they go to Earth.

Wings stripped, titles stripped, flawless beauty stripped.

They become Fallen Angels.

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