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Fallen Angels: Part Seventeen

Julian's POV

I woke up a little confused the next day. That dream seemed so real and it broke my heart but what was I suppose to do? I couldn't see the face… I didn't hear a name.

I sigh heavily as I look around the barn and stretched my wings. 'Father… help me, please.' I pray quietly as I eventually wrap my wings around myself and slouch against the wall to sleep a little bit more.

I don't get to though as a chill runs over my body and makes me stand instantly looking around.

"Who's there!" I yell into the barn; it wasn't a human and it was not Angel. It was evil, the smell of the visitor alone set off all of my senses. "Who's there?" I yell again and then I hear a light 'poof' and inhale the deathly smoke of a demon. I turn quickly coughing while eyeing the male in front of me and once I realize who it is; I glare.

"What are you doing here, Son of Satan?"

The male grinned and then waved a hand as if to help make the smoke go away, "Come on now, you can call me Lucifer." The male was stretching as he laughed… it was familiar. "I'm here to have a little chat. You might find it most helpful… what I'm going to tell you." Lucifers fingers came up to tap against each fingertip, his fangs biting his lower lip.

"I don't want to talk to you," I spat, "Or hear anything you might thing is 'most helpful'." And then I growl, my wings protectively wrapped around me. "Go back to Hell, demon."

"Ohhh, tsk tsk tsk~" he cooe's practically as he walks closer to me, "Just listen to what I have to say… and if you don't want to hear—"

"Did I just say I didn't want to listen to you? Go."

He sighs since I cut him off and then smirks, "It's about the Fallen Angel, are you sure you don't want to hear it? I can help you."

I cross my arms under my wings and stare at him, "You can't help me with anything, Father will help me with it. If I need to know, then he will lead me to the right answers."

A loud 'HA' filled the barn and Lucifer was laughing. I raised a brow, "What is so funny?"

"You are, of course! My Fathers brother will never allow you to know what is missing from your memories. But you know what, just listen for a second.."

I was about to cut him off and just shut my mouth as I was ready to attack him in any moment, "Just listen…" he continues.

"You're Father hates sinners does he not?"

I nod.

"Well, guess what Guardian… you have committed the biggest sin! But he let you forget about it… the merciful God almighty has let you have a second chance. I'm thinking it's because of the job you were created for… but, what can I say… I'm just a demon."

Now I can't help but be curious. Did this demon know me? Does… can he help me with my memories?

"What are you saying?" my guard is down now, "What sin have I committed?"

The demon gives me the most sinister smile as he then crosses him arms. "Well, that's where I stop on feeding you information BUT—"

I think he realizes I'm getting upset and am ready to attack him if he doesn't help me out. The demon starts to talk faster which I find amusing but what he says next makes my face fall.

"If you are willing to risk your wings… I will give you all of your memories back. I can do that you know… being the son of your Father's brother and of course… a huge sinner." He was now laughing as I stared at him.

I didn't know what to do… do I risk my wings for my memories? Do I risk my wings for memories that might not even be fulfilling?

I look down as the demon is giving me a heated gaze – anything that might help me figure out who Angel was would help tremendously but was it worth not going back to heaven?

Miekel's POV

Even though I am not a full-blown Heaven-Angel anymore, I know when there is evil around. And the minute I felt it I got out of bed and scrambled to the window to search for it. My eyes fell on the barn – 'Julian' I whisper silently into the air. I stare, and stare.

Before I knew it I was out the door running towards the barn I told myself I didn't want to go back too. I was worried… what was that aura? And the feeling got worse.

I felt like something bad was going to happen in a couple seconds and the screaming made me slide and fall to the ground. I slid and cringed before I sat up and stared at the barn in horror. The scream became louder and more violent and pained as it went on.

My heart was racing as I quickly got to my feet and ran faster to open the barn door and run in. I ran all the way to where Julian usually was and couldn't say anything. My mouth opened in horror as I watched what was happening.

Julian looked like he was about to die.



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