God has given me this land through Abraham, what right do you have to say it's yours?

My prophet wrote the Koran in this holy city and I have the right to live here.

Why don't they just leave us alone?

If we won the war then we should own the land

I will never stop battling for my land, even if you think I should.

I belong in Jerusalem.

We are inspected at every checkpoint for no reason; we just want to pass through.

I want to feel safe; I don't want to be bombed one day. Check points are my life insurance, don't you see?

I don't want to cause you any harm, but I feel that you do.

Do I look like a terrorist to you?

Not all Israelis kill the Arabs

Just like all Palestinians don't kill Israelis

Then why do you hate me?

I can't escape you! I see you surrounding my home and killing my people!

My brother died from a shooting, and our people don't kill each other, and I blame you!

I see you and I see a terrorist because you killed the ones I loved.

This is my safe haven! A place where my grandparents came to escape! Can't I be able to live where my grandfathers chose?

Are they to blame, then? For destroying my home, my town?

I fight so hard, and I will not stop. I fight for my land, not for yours.

I don't care of returning to Jerusalem! I have one goal: to see you gone from here.

The life I live already will never let me accomplish my future plans, must you add wood to the fire that burns inside me?

We each have our own responsibilities, but how we go about them is our way and choice.

I fear the violence. I see no results coming from it, things that'll let me smile again.

Will there ever be peace between us?

No, just hatred

When I come to meet you, I cannot be myself. I must hide behind a mask, not speak my language. All this so I won't get shot by one of your people.

We are children of stone! We feel compelled to throw these weapons at you. It's how we can feel safe and know we're doing something to fight back.

This problem, is it a problem? It has so many sides, like so many things in our lives.

Another side, my parents hesitate to send me to your home. A home in the midst of a terrorist infested region.

Life is uncertain for me as well! I live here, and I haven't died, why are they scared?

I see now, that all children are innocent bystanders. We have limited power and cannot be blamed.

I'm scared. Every day, every hour, every minute. What will come out of it?

Life is uncertain for me.

Who is the real winner in all of this? Both sides die and I see no progress.

I can't meet you so easily! There are more than just check points between us, don't you understand? It's a little thing called history.


You can't feel my pain, unless you've experienced it like I have.

I am Israeli,

I am Palestinian.

I deserve respect.

This is a poem I wrote for an assignment with my partner. The regular type is what the Israeli side says (me) the italicized font is what the Palestinian side says (partner) and the bold is what we say together. This was supposed to show the struggles and hardships each side faces over Jerusalem. I really got into it and wrote most of it and ended up being really proud of my work:)