Just a poem that i thought of one night, and i thought it was kind of odd for me to come up with it because i have never actually been in a serious relationship. Well anyway, hope you enjoy! PLEASE R&R:)

Time To Move On

It's over,

and somehow I knew it wouldn't last.

We confused what we wanted,

with what was actually meant to be.

We depended on each other,

gave chance after chance,

but in the end

we just…couldn't pull it through.

don't get me wrong

we had good times,

good obstacles that made us stronger,

but my tears have dried,

we have nothing left together.

My heart has been set free once more,

and I can open it to anyone and anything

Our time together

reminded me of one of those claw machines,

it was rigged

so that neither one of us

could really win.

But now I need to stop dwelling on the past.

It's time to move on.