I remember your deep voice through the phone speaker. I said so little because of my size. I didn't have much to say. I wasn't too great on the telephone. But as I hung up, I remember crying. I missed you, daddy. And I didn't get to see you too much. I had cherished helping you with the vegetable garden and watching you play army men with Brandon. I enjoyed every carrot and popsicle that we shared after a swim in your mother's pool. I remember telling you everything—you were my best friend. I remember your smile and your big glasses. I remember you striped shorts. I hated those shorts but I loved to see you despite them. I remember being proud of your coins that you received from AA. I watched you fight so hard just to win custody of me. You always tried to make me happy. And trust me, I was. I was always happy to see you. I remember crying because I knew you didn't want me to grow up. And I felt bad growing up. So daddy, I also remember that time. I grew up and now we're not as close. We have different interests but despite all the struggles, I want you to know that I always remember and my love for you still remains.