Dream Me a Star


Part 1


Dear Diary,

My best friend…hmm I really can't tell you who that is. But I'll describe how we met for you! You see, we weren't exactly let's be friends forever at first site but it came to be that. We started to talk under circumstances and we've been through more than you can imagine.

We were there for each other whenever we needed each other. And she would make me smile somehow through those tough times without even meaning to. It seemed that it was just a coincidence that we became friends and till this day I still think that. But no matter how we met or what we thought of each other before, she's the greatest friend I could ever have. How we met is a complicated story and I really don't know why I decide to write about it now.

Somehow I was torn between the love of my life and my truest friend in the whole world, and I wondered which one was more important. It seemed that I had to choose between them and no matter which decision I made one of them would hate me. It was like there was a voice in my head saying,

"Who is more important to YOU?" And I thought about it for years. Was one more important to me than the other? Should I love one more? Is my love for both of them different? There were so many questions left unanswered for me and it's still a…mystery.


I turned my head slightly to the left to look out the window. The town that I lived in was full of wealthy, arrogant families that were businessman, lawyers, CEOs, etc. My family was nothing like most of these families. We were not conceited about our good wealth; we go to Church, donate to charity, and volunteer at the shelter that was in another town since shelters are not welcome in my town.

My hover limo pulled up at my private school, and drove slowly to park. I grabbed my bag and strutted out the car.

Hover limos were a common thing to see at my school. Horalis Academy was a school for the 'richies' or so what some other schools in the state call us. People think of us as spoiled rotten because of the snobby attitudes the majority of kids that attend the school have. I think that they're just jealous.

My friend waved to me from the entrance, lifting up one of her feet to show her school shoes. Why is she showing me her school shoes? Noticing my confusion, as though reading my mind, she signaled me to look down and as I did look down I noticed myself not wearing my appropriate black school shoes but tacky sneakers. I closed my eyes and smacked my face.

I would be the laughing stock of the whole school when they see me wearing this. Only poor people where these kinds of shoes, and the only reason I had it in my house in the first place was because I had to wear these shoes to the shelter my family and I had volunteered at yesterday.

"Chae-Yi, why the heck are you wearing that?" my friend, Miki, asked me already having walked towards me without my notice.

"I guess I accidentally stepped into them this morning, I was half asleep getting ready this morning you know!" I said in a its-not-my-fault-its-something-else's-fault kind of tone.

"Yeah, sure you were." Miki playfully rolled her eyes at me and turned around. I slightly chuckled and followed her to the school entrance. While we were walking, Hyo-ri, a girl who has seemed to loathe me ever since grade school for an unknown reason, roughly pushed my shoulder as she was walking by.

"What's her problem?" Miki questioned. I really didn't know why she hated me. She's never even met me! I don't really hate her for not liking me.

She doesn't seem like a mean girl. Hyo-ri had lots of friends; at least that's what I see at the cafeteria. She was pretty, with long dark hair and long eyelashes. But some people, mostly the arrogant students think that Hyo-ri shouldn't even attend this school.

The whole student body knew she only attends Horalis Academy because of a full scholarship she received. I was a popular girl, being the captain of the cheerleading squad I am instantly put on top of the 'popular kids list'.

I had long dark hair, just like Hyo-ri, and long eyelashes. I was Korean; I'm guessing that Hyo-ri was too. I get good grades, but not as good as Hyo-ri. I don't really know why I am comparing her and me but I'm just really curious of the reason of why she hates me.

I snapped back into reality as the bell rang, signaling to get to your classes. Miki waved good-bye as she left me to attend her first class. My teacher, Mrs. Johnson, greeted me with a smile.

Ricky, a happy-go lucky kind of guy, but a spoiled brat raised his hand up gesturing me to give him a high-five. I sat down and opened my notebook and looked up at Mrs. Johnson. She started to talk about the assignment she gave us last Friday and how there was a difficult question on it that required some critical thinking.

Lost in my own thought, I paid no attention to Mrs. Johnson and started to think about what could be the reason Hyo-ri hated me. After that encounter that just happened a few minutes ago, I became obsessed on finding the answer.

Mrs. Johnson I guess suddenly being aware of my daydreaming walked over to my desk with a long, wooden ruler in hand and snapped it down so loud on my desk I jumped with surprise, and fright my hands going up in the air slightly.

"Next time maybe you'll pay attention in my class instead of being off in lala land. I'm taking your points away for this."

The whole class looked at me and chuckled. I wasn't embarrassed of this. Occasionally I would get into trouble here and there but nothing major. It wouldn't seriously affect my grade, and nobody would nag me about it. Maybe it's because I was a popular?

The class soon ended and I bolted out the room excited for my next class, English. We were working on a project in groups of five. Each group was to make up a little play from a section of the book that was assigned to them.

The book my group received was Remember When. It was a story that revolved around two best friends who soon find themselves facing a major problem: when one of them has a life-threatening disease, they start to reminisce the past years they spent together and all the happy moments, and as the disease threatens one of the two best friends more.

The both of them decide and try to relive the happy moments that they had shared. But with the disease it makes it a lot harder to do the things they did in the past. I must have read that book over a million times.

I just can't get over the sad moments and then the happy moments on each page. And every time I read it, it never fails to make me cry.

Then I remembered. Hyo-ri was in my group. During the last two days since we received the project she's been awfully quiet and never spoke besides the times if we asked her a 'yes' or 'no' question and she would give a little yes or no.

I noticed that the times when we had free time in class to do what we wish, she would always write in this mysterious black book with a single red rose on the cover.

Hyo-ri would write endlessly until it was time to stop. I am just so curious! Yes, yes I know curiosity killed the cat. I stepped into my English class and a couple of heads turned to see who had just entered. As usual, a large group of girls were around Hyo-ri, who was paying no attention at all to the girls around her but was again writing in the black book.

As I was just about to turn my head from Hyo-ri, I noticed a long cut along her forearm. Instantly noticing my stern stare she turned around and grabbed her black sweater and put it around herself.

I sat down in my seat and opened my notebook. I flipped through the pages looking for yesterday's notes I had taken. "Ok class, for the whole period you will be working on the project. Know this, you will have three classes to work on the project and if you don't finish it by then you and your group will have to work on it during your own time.


The project is due two weeks from now, ok get to work!" The teacher sat down on her desk and began to work on some papers. My group moved our desks together and started to discuss what we were going to do. My group was made out of five people: Lina was a brunette, the daughter of a huge business empire, Reign Corp. Her father was a ruthless business man who did not care who he crushed or hurt as long as it got him what he wanted.

Living in the 22nd century, there were many businessmen out there who were heartless and cared for no one but themselves. Her father's business produced hover cars, robots, and the latest of technology.

Lina's family and mines were old friends, and because of that me and Lina have been together every since we were born. Next there was Billy, the son of Georgio Kila, who owned a whole chain of restaurants.

He was a friendly enough person, but often gets in trouble for the mischief he causes at school by pulling pranks on the faculty.

I lost track on how many times he's gotten suspended. It's a miracle he hasn't been expelled yet. Finally there was Helena Malone, the beautiful daughter of the top designer, Karen Venice-Malone.

She would always wear the shoes & clothes her mother designs that weren't available in stores, and show off to the fashion crazed people in this school who would die for a K.M. exclusive.

And lastly there was me and Hyo-ri; me the daughter of Kim Ji-Soo the president of an also huge business empire. I had two little brothers in middle school who sometimes annoy me but I still love them.

Hyo-ri ripped out a piece of paper from her notebook with some mysterious writing on it and got up to throw it away.

From what her school skirt revealed, I could see multiple bruises and cuts on her legs. When she sat down again Lina had begun to talk and share her ideas with the group. "Ok this is what I think we should do. I think like we should do the parts where they reminisce about all the happy moments and good times they had. Because like that part really makes you teary eyed and stuff."

"No it doesn't! Psh, this book is so sappy. It makes me wanna throw up!" Billy said with a mocking voice.

"I think it's sweet! You're just too stupid to understand the real value of best friends; with your pea-sized brain and all." Lina chuckled slightly and looked over at Billy with a funny look in her eyes.

Billy stuck his tongue out at her and pouted. You know sometimes they act like little kids. "Anyways I think we should video tape it instead of acting it out in front of the class, cause like I'll kind of get stage fright so yeah."

Everyone nodded in agreement. "So whose house are we practicing in? And I can

only stay for like an hour cause I have to model for one of my mom's fashion shows," Helena said.

"You have to model everyday?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I MAYBE can come back after it's over unless you guys are done..."

"So whose house is it?" Billy questioned leaning back into his chair and placing his arms on the back of his head.

"My house is available," I said quickly knowing that if we went to Lina's house her father would probably pester me about my father's business' current activities; he would always try to outdo my dad. If we went to Billy's house, uh let's just say you don't want to know.

I knew Helena's house would be unavailable since her mom hosts parties a lot, at least that's what she tells me. And of course Hyo-ri's house wasn't an option. No one has really been into her house. She's never invited anyone. And no one ever asks.

"Ok it's set then. Since tomorrow is Saturday we'll go then, is 1:00 good for everyone?" We all nodded. "It's set then."


The school day soon ended and I was walking out the school entrance looking for my hover limo. I spotted Hyo-ri walking down the street; I'm guessing she's walking home? Where was her home though? Curiosity got the best of me and I started to follow her. I stopped by my limo and told the computerized pilot to head home. It refused at first but I kept on insisting for it to let me be.

Geez these computers are sometimes so stubborn. I hid around bushes so she wouldn't see me and looked through the leaves to see where she was going. Hyo-ri had stepped onto the moving sidewalk and stood still.

I followed her onto it and hid behind a tall man. The sidewalk was moving down towards the streets. As the metal sidewalk moved down I heard multiple hover cars zoom by.

Our stop soon came and Hyo-ri turned left. She started walking to the little stores and apartments unaware that I was following her. These houses all looked the same, and the same as my house, except my house was bigger a lot bigger.

And the metal of our house wasn't rusted; it was an expensive type of white mineral discovered in 2050 that kept it from ever rusting and stayed the same, a white shinning home.

Hyo-ri walked into an ancient looking house that looked like the little wooden houses out in the woods way back in the past. So this is where she lives…

I silently crept up behind a silver garbage can, bending my knees just enough that it still allowed me to see. I heard a loud, cranky voice erupt from the house. "Where are you, you ungrateful little brat!"

"I'm here. Don't yell that loud, people might hear you," Hyo-ri said. When Hyo-ri stepped onto the entrance to the little house her mom, I'm guessing, slapped her. My eyes widened in surprise as Hyo-ri just stood there her head still turned slightly to the left from being slapped.

Her mom then pushed Hyo-ri onto the ground and kicked her endlessly, on all parts of her body. I watched in horror as the mom beat her to no end. And all Hyo-ri did was lie there, excepting the kicks her mother was giving her, not even bothering to move.

Then, when I thought Hyo-ri's momma could not do anything more, she took out a wooden stick and started hitting her again. The ruler like object with sharp, broken edges soon cut across Hyo-ri's face and it started to bleed.

"You're a pathetic daughter! Why were you ever born! You ruined my whole life! Why was I put the burden into caring for you! Why! You were a mistake! You should have never been born! You don't deserve life!"

Her mom started to cry and yell at the same time and continued to beat Hyo-ri, who just soon started to block herself with her arms. I caught a glimpse of Hyo-ri's face momentarily and I saw tears. I was frozen from where I was kneeling. Hyo-ri's mom soon felt satisfied and walked into the little house. Hyo-ri lowered her arms and stared at the door.

She started to slowly get up and walked over to the door. When she went inside it was then I noticed the black book with the single red rose on it, lay on the ground; free for anyone to take, to read.

I rose up from my spot and walked forward. Silently moving my legs, trying to make as little noise as possible incase Hyo-ri would realize she dropped it and come back. I grabbed it quickly and ran. I ran onto the moving sidewalk and stopped to catch my breath.

It started to move upwards to my street. I soon came upon my house and I ran up to my room ignoring my dad's callings. I pushed pass my two little brothers, quickly yelled the door to open, then close, and jumped onto my bed. I stared at book for a little while, and then I started to slowly open it.

I flipped through it, and I ended to a page in the middle.

Dear Diary:

Today's beatings were quite fiercer than the previous ones. But the feelings were the same. I still felt like crying every time she hit me. I'm trash aren't I? At least that's what my mom says. She says I'm dirt. That I was never supposed to be born, that she regretted ever giving birth to me.

A week ago she decided that she wouldn't waste food on me. She never gave me food ever since. Heh, I'm really hungry. When I asked my mom for at least a slice of bread she took one out, threw it in the toilet and told me "There's your slice of bread. Eat it!" I just looked at her and turned around and laid down on my 'bed' if you can call it that.

It was a ripped blanket on the floor near the window; the broken window with the blood curling wind blowing through it; I'm complaining a lot aren't I? I held the ripped blanket close to me, trying to get as warm as possible. Every night it was the same routine; and every day it was the same beating. I cried myself to sleep every night, trying to get my mother's voice out of my head. Yesterday she took the stick out again and the broken edges cut me again. I think I should stop now; my whining won't change anything, right?

My eyes widened horror. That's where she got the cuts. This is what she's going through at home. This is why she so quiet at school, why she resents the world. No wonder she's so skinny.

During P.E. class when we are in the locker rooms and changing, I notice that her ribs stick out so much and she's like skin and bones. I couldn't take reading much more so I closed the book. To think, Hyo-ri might be receiving a beating right now; suffering in the cold right now, starving.

With all the questions running through my head I knew I couldn't just sit here and do nothing. I grabbed my jacket and ran downstairs. I hollered at my dad that I would be going out real quick and would be back soon; he didn't question me.

I stepped into my silver hover limo and told the computer to head for Jerrod St.; where all the little stores are, where Hyo-ri's house was. My limo hovered on about, and I looked out the window impatiently, watching all the cars pass by.

Finally my limo reached her house. I stepped out of the limo and told the computer to wait. I looked through the partially broken window and saw Hyo-ri serving what looked like instant ramen to her mom. Her mom looked at it and then threw the bowl on Hyo-ri's face.

"You idiot, I wanted chicken ramen! Not beef! You're really are a good for nothing daughter aren't you!" Hyo-ri's mom left. Hyo-ri leaned down and picked up the noodles from the floor. She got a mop and wiped the soup.

I stood there, unable to move, to do anything. After cleaning up her mom's mess she walked to her 'bed' and sat down. The wind was uncomfortably cold this night, and it blew through the window, making Hyo-ri shiver.

She started to lie down, and then started to cry. She clutched the thin blanket against her, trying to block out as much wind as possible. Her breaths became hard, mixed with her sorrowful sobs. "Shut up you bitch! I'm trying to sleep!"

Her mom yelled from the other room. Hyo-ri silenced a little, but continued her crying, her body shaking uncontrollably. I couldn't stand it anymore. I walked up to the door and turned the knob. It was open.

Hyo-ri didn't hear me opening the door and neither did her mother. I walked over to where she was crying. I looked at her sadly, and without thinking I kneeled down in front of her and hugged her.


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