I don't understand how you could have ever been in love with me. None of this, please take a look around, is anything like anything you could have wanted. I am not alright in even the slightest sense and a stint in a mental hospital couldn't prepare you for dealing with the real crazies (the unmedicated, the undiagnosed). Hahaha and you fucking fell in love with one. You wrapped your little arms around me and told me you loved me. You want to think that I was only using you because it's too much to believe that a little broken girl loved you with every bit of her being one week and could throw you away the next but sweetheart, that's what insanity is. That is what I am. Elizabeth is crazy. Repeat that over and over and get used to it. You've had hundreds of ex's though. I'll just fall under the category of "interesting". How silly of me to think that you telling me you loved me was anything special. I was just another girlfriend: you collect them. But it's okay 'cause I love every boy I come across and I love them all equally.