1To Afraid

By: Kristie Martinez


I met this boy

He so very sweet

We can talk about anything

He makes me laugh with just a few words

I can't wait until the next time we talk

Every second I hold close to my heart

This boy is one in a million

I will never find someone else like him

But he doesn't love me

Well he hasn't told me

We're best friends

Sometimes I wonder if he knows


I met this beautiful girl

She's great in every way

Her laugh is wonderful

I'll always remember out time together

I know there is know one else like her

I wonder if she knows I love her

I want to tell her

But she might not feel the same


As you see the their in love

But neither of them could tell another

Because they we're both scared

To lose something the both hold close

Each other

A/N: I wrote the male point from all my guy friends telling me about a girl they like. Hope u like!