Chapter 37

The holiday was flying past in a commotion of great food, better sleep and even better sex, thought Katrina one day when Leonard and her returned to their daily haunt – the lagoon. That was the name he coined for their hideout, where they would sit for hours and sleep and make love, in no particular order, again and again. It wasn't boring at all, and this was exactly what she had imagined when she thought of a great holiday.

But it was coming to a tragic end and she could almost feel her heart sink when there was only a week left. Leonard continued to convince her that they would come back soon enough. She asked him if she could come alone some day and he gave her a suspicious look and mumbled something along the lines of "fornicating with the caretaker." She off course had mentioned it so that he would get wound up again.

Looking back at this getaway, both of them thought that they had probably never enjoyed themselves more. Sun and the sea, jungle exploring and had she mentioned the great sex?

It was their last day, and Katrina woke up feeling depressed. Leonard woke up little bit later and smiled at her silent disappointment face and said, "Come on, lets make the last day worth it."

This whole month had been worth it. He had never come to this place before, and it was mostly because he had had no one to come with. But on a happier note, she was only three months away…and it was really beginning to show now. He wondered how she was going to stand being heavily pregnant because that bulge was already looking uncomfortable on her. He had had to be very gentle with her these past few weeks because her back was vulnerable and she couldn't be handled like anything less than porcelain. He knew she hated being like this, because she a strong woman. Being so very vulnerable was not what she liked.

He got out of bed and looked outside, and it was quite early in the morning. The ocean looked beautiful and crystalline blue. There were seagulls on the porch waiting to be fed and he could hear servants rushing around finishing their morning chores.

"Should I bring you some breakfast?" he asked her suddenly.

"Really? You would?" she asked him surprised.

"Yes, like I do every morning," he said.

"Leonard," she said suddenly, "I really, really, really, really love you." She sprang out into elaborate tears again, but this wasn't a surprise to him anymore. She had been doing this quite often. He called them her, "baby tears" which made cry even more sometimes because she was happy about the baby. How could one woman have so many emotions?

"Oh its okay Katrina," he said trying to hide his smile, because he had sensed an outburst on the horizon the moment had woken up, "Don't cry. I love you too."

"Are you sure?" she said, tears running down her face excessively now.

He hugged her and managed to conceal his grin, the one he broke out in whenever she got into one of these familiar moods. He wasn't being unsympathetic; it was just that he knew where these tears were coming from. She wasn't sad, he knew that for sure, but he knew that it was hormones making her moods jump the spectrum every few minutes.

"Off course I'm sure," he said kissing her cheek, "I've never been more sure."

"So you won't leave me when we have the baby right?" she spluttered panicking.

"I would never," said Leonard feigning annoyance and answering this familiar question for the umpteenth time, "I love you and the baby more than anything."

She seemed convinced and kissed him fiercely through her warm tears. This was the next part, the pattern of emotions he had memorized like a good speech. He knew that just after the painful and emotionally destroying tears came the extreme arousal. He was all too used to it by now and knew as soon as the tears came that he should be prepared to get naked soon. He somehow couldn't see the connection between extreme emotional downfall and raw lust, which Katrina seemed to make quite well.

"Don't you want to eat breakfast or something –?"

The resumed kiss with much more intensity answered his question. She did not give a damn about breakfast as long as Leonard was with her. So he off course gave her what she wanted. So, he thought, all I have to do is make her cry if I want some love. He inwardly laughed at her but didn't dare say anything right now. He pulled off his clothes and began undressing the

"I'm hungry," she said suddenly when they began making love. Leonard stopped dead.

"Why are you stopping?" she asked imploringly. She's joking isn't she? He couldn't believe she would get him prepared and aroused and then leave him hanging there. Maybe it had shown on his face, but she laughed.

"I was joking Leonard," she said through her giggles, "I just wanted to see the look on your face, and it was all worth it."

"Good. It's good you were joking. Because sometimes, even I get hungry and I might just eat you." He hissed, giving her a dark look.

She gave a scream of mirth as he resumed his favorite pastime, biting her neck and between her breasts. He knew she liked it, and he could feel it in the way her back would become tense and her heart would begin to race.

"You are the strangest woman I've ever met," he said smiling at her and resuming their lovemaking, "Katrina stop crying, I feel like I'm doing something wrong here…"

She hastily wiped away her tears and gave him an embarrassed smile, "I'm sorry, its just, this is really good…" she closed her eyes. He rolled his eyes, why would she cry if this were really good?

Later, they walked down to their lagoon and it was still a few hours till noon, so they had a nice long day to enjoy.