Oh God. Not another one. The computer screen glowed white, a blank slate of Microsoft word sitting on it, daring her to hit the keyboard for more than five strokes. Her paper was never going to get done at this rate.

They were in a stare down until she gave up and looked away, deciding to fiddle with the drawer next to her knee on the desk. In moments she produced a CD and popped it in, drumming her fingers on the desk as she waited for the media player to appear. When it did, she hastily headed for the play list, not in the mood to deal with the whole CD. Without thinking about it, she clicked track number eight, her individual favorite. Oddly enough, he had indirectly turned her into a fan girl for this band by telling her about it, but the last thing she wanted to hear was the song that started it all.

She sung along for a time, even beginning to peck at the keyboard, when all too soon, the song ended. Grumbling to herself she stood, refusing to let her gaze rake over the silent phone for the thousandth time that night. The music now in the background of her mind, she could now only hear his voice, the last time her spoke to her. "Nothing can keep me from you, okay? I'll see you soon, promise." She had to stifle a dark laugh, that was over a month ago. "Sweet bull," She mumbled, barely hearing her sister's voice as she called her for dinner.

Like a hermit, she quickly reappeared and took her seat at her desk, looking pleased at her plate. Baked chicken with her favorite, macaroni and cheese. She had barely taken a forkful when her phone began to vibrate. Something like a blaze of flames surged through her stomach, and she had to finish the noodles in her mouth before taking a necessary breath of air. "Calm down genius, it might not even be him," She thought, finally stealing a gaze at the phone near her hand. In a flash, the flames were back, along with the new, painful thudding of her heart. It was him.

She snatched the phone from the flat surface, nearly missing it in her haste, and flipped it open, praying that he wouldn't have given up so easy. "Hello?" She answered, in a low voice, trying not to give anything away. "Hey; I just knew you'd be there," came his voice from the other end. She closed her eyes and reveled in it's warmth before picking up on the nervousness in his tone.

"Are you okay?" She asked, suddenly worried.

He seemed to pause, then cleared his throat before speaking again. "Um yeah, I just kind of picked a bad time to call." He paused again, then spoke in a voice that was laced with honey. "I just had to speak to you again, hear your voice. Know that you hadn't forgotten about me."

"Never." The one word sentence passed her lips before she could think about it. She held her breath for a moment, and could almost see him smiling on the other end.

Then, as quickly as he had relaxed, he seemed to tense right back up. "Well, that's all I wanted, I've got to go now. Don't forget I love you." She was about to answer when someone on the other room spoke. "Who are you talking to?"

Her blood ran cold at the distinctly feminine voice, and was only more bothered by how irritated it sounded. He never answered the woman, instead focusing on her again. "Goodnight," He whispered in a rush, then all she heard was a click and dial tone.

"Yeah, I love you too, night." She mumbled, before hanging up herself. Doubt and tears welled up inside of her, yet she settled for biting her lip and relaxing into her seat once more. Why was it like this? No matter how badly she wanted to question him, she never had the time or anger to do so. He had never done her wrong, they had gotten along perfectly. So what if he was avoiding her now, and at some woman's house. At this time of night? She stole a glance at the clock and paled. It was a little after 10.

Her stomach seemed to plummet, and she had to shake her head. No matter how badly she wanted to be upset, she just couldn't. Only sweet thoughts and good memories came to mind. She sighed, looking back at her now cold plate, and her beloved macaroni and cheese, her fork still spearing a noodle or two. Suddenly, she just wasn't hungry.

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