Extended Summary: The dare was to convince everyone she's fallen into depression and has become suicidal. Suddenly her enemy's twin brother starts to become concerned for her even thought it's all for the sake of a bet. Forget seduction. This is Truth or Dare on crack. Too bad, she can't tell it it's only a dare so he could shove his niceness up his butt either.

It all began with a dare. I know, how typical and cliché but this dare was one no one has ever done before. You see, it's not a dare to seduce an enemy or some random guy that I don't it, it's a dare to pretend that I've lost my marbles and convince everyone that I've fallen into depression.

Take a leaf out of my book and never play Truth or Dare with your best friends, especially if one is into the Goth subculture, another is fascinated by pop music, Hollywood and is aspiring to be a gold digger while the last one is a bookworm that has literally no backbone and is dating a guy who makes all the decisions for her.

It all began two days ago. It was a Saturday night and after running out of Friends re-runs to giggle over, Michelle (the Goth obsessed one) decided to come up with the brilliant boredom buster idea of playing Truth or Dare.

After being dared to run up to my neighbours and ask for tampons (note, my neighbours on the left are an elderly couple who loathe children and on the right is a retired account who makes his living selling things off eBay). Anyway, after that humiliating stint, I had to endure cross dressing like a stereotypical African American male rapper (I looked so retarded, I burned all the pictures and negatives before Michelle, Emma and Stacey could get their hands even on the envelope).

It was about 2 AM and after Stacey (Barbie wannabe, though I use that term affectionately because she is quite gorgeous and I used to love Barbies as a kid), anyway, after Stacey's confession she used to adore Britney Spears (ha, I knew it!), Michelle leaned over and whispered something into Stace's ear and the next thing I knew, those evil blue eyes were grinning at me and she uttered wickedly," Chicken, truth or dare?"

Yeah, my nickname is Chicken. You laugh now but Michelle's nickname is Poonun. The four of us have been friends since forever and back in third grade, the christened nicknames that bestowed upon us by each other was a friendship test. Therefore, we had to endure with the weird nicknames. There I was, lying on my stomach, paranoid because between Stace and Mich, they come up with the scariest truth questions.

They must've predicted that I would've squeaked," Dare," after the look Stace gave me because I ended up agreeing to the dare that I had to convince the entire school (about 2900 fucking people no less) that I'd gone 'emo' and 'suicidal'. Jesus, Emma (quiet one) had even volunteered her sister's sport wristbands (her sister is a jockette and tomboy, and I mean tomboy. First time I met Em's sister, I thought she was a guy!).

Now I'm here, in homeroom, with two freakin' wristbands, a long-sleeved shirt on (even though it's mid summer, I'm dying here!), black jeans and a fringe drooping over my eyes, irritating the crap out of me. So far, I've gotten about seven weird looks from people I know and concerned raised eyebrows from my homeroom teacher (uh, is a raised eyebrow a gesture of concern?!).

Mich and Stace have different homerooms than me and Em isn't here yet so I'm sitting with Lita (brunette with anger management issues but she's not that bad, except her knock knock jokes and her tendency to explode over small insignificant matters). Lita isn't in the circle of best friends thing me, Em, Stace, and Mich have going on but we consider her an honorary member since she's stuck with us since seventh grade. However, my first loyalties lie equally to Em, Stace and Mich, then Lita.

Also, Mina, Kayla and Carol make up the last of the 'group/clique' whatever me and Em have formed since the beginning of Jr. High but as I was saying, the dare is to convince everyone I'm depress and not raise any suspicions and I can't tell anyone about the dare (else, blackmail pics of me in a tutu will end up 'mysteriously' on the cafeteria notice board).

Mina and Kayla came up with a list of 'subtle' signs that I had to give out to everyone and Carol's just about pissed herself laughing when she drummed replies to the classic," Are you okay?" question people are bound to ask me sooner or later.

That was yesterday. I'm in homeroom now, with Olivia and her twin brother (who loathe my guts ever since Olivia's crush asked me out in fourth grade and picked her over me) glaring daggers at me. I can see them out of my peripheral view. I don't know what their problem is because I'm not one to hold grudges and I'm usually quiet even tempered. I try to get along with everyone, it's just within my nature to do so, Olivia and Kyle are exceptions because they've made my life hell since the fourth grade incident and I give what I receive. I'm not a pushover.

My life isn't exactly exciting and I tend to make the most interesting events sound like a monotone speech from our school principal. However, my name is Candace Jenkins (ugh, Candace I know! I go by Dac though, so much less… girly, not that I'm unfeminine thank you very much) and this is the story of the dare that Stace and Mich forced upon me that has now landed me in a situation I want to run away from.

The pitying looks, the sympathy, the sneers behind my back, the whisperings, the rumors and worst of all, those bloody unwanted kindness and sweet gestures from Kyle and awkward forced politeness from Olivia.

Confused? Let's start from the beginning as soon as I get my thoughts in order.

Sorry for the short beginning, I need to know if anyone wants to read this or not. The story title is part of some lyrics from a The Used song (can't remember which). Review?