Hey everyone, this is a new idea i just thought of and i think it would be fun to do. I came up with this stanza not to long ago, but couldn't think of the rest, so i decided to let you guys come up with it! If you can think of another stanza PM it or review it to me. When i have at least 10 stanzas i will put them in the poem and repost it ( don't worry i will credit you for your work, I PROMISE!) I don't know how long I will let it go, so I am sorry if your work does not make it into this poem, but after this i will most likely start another if this one gets a lot of hits!

The only guidelines are that it needs to go along with the poem (duh!) and it needs to be in the same format, meaning it can only be four lines and the 2nd and 4th line HAVE to rhyme. Other than that just have fun with it and make sure to Keep It Going!

Keep It Going

I snatched my blanket

and clutched it tight

My nails bit in

'til my knuckles turned white

I curled in close
and bit my lip
and drifted away
as consciousness slipped

Memories washed over me
bad thoughts were dissolved
my masquerade was over
and my true self became evolved

What doesn't kill you
Makes you stronger
Gives you hope and
Holds you longer

The second stanza is credited to Blob of Infinity and the third stanza is credited to rising.above.brokeness and the fourth stanza is credited to Medieval-Rogue

Thanks guys!