A darkened sky

"Adonai, Elohim, el shaddai..."

Thou hast become the Father of lies, and I serve Thee, henceforth, no more...

Becoming thus, the essence of sedition; the steadfast gleam of the unsheathed sword. The sinner's forceful thrust, at the heart of the Empire... Adam's error... to impart the knowledge – the cognizance – of Thy existence.

For this, I slither in aspect through Eden's gleaming.

For this, I bid Cain slew his brother.

For this, I rend the weakest link of thy diadem, as I, its jewel and very metal, shall reflect no more Your light... the Light of enslavement, the essence of constancy and misaligned justice, to a multitude that knows no freedom... ignorant of how subtle the fetter tightens.

They shall raise me a Savior, and crown Thee a liar. For this, I strike with balanced blade, and spit upon the faces of Thy angel's desires, as I, the very sharpness and tip of the sword, pierce through Holy Flesh.

I will not serve You... henceforth...