Stumbling and tripping, inevitable to avert;
Fate's salted our wounds, just to alert
Our cruel end and others' shrewd lies,
Still nothing compels me to bid you goodbye.

My honesty is golden; I'd keep it till death
When bitter demise sweeps life from my breath,
I savoured the moment you smiled so carefree
And said that you'll be there; forever for me.

As the pain starts, so low near your heart,
Remember I'll be there to re-draw the art
Of your heart-rending face, with no tears to descend
With my needle and thread I'll sew and I'll mend

As that quirk on your lips widens to smile
I'll know that my effort has all been worthwhile,
For you mean more to me than most do
I'd give up my day just to spend it with you.

So whenever you're lonely, sad or depressed,
Just know that there's someone who appreciates your success;
Because you deserve it, you know that it's true
I'll be there forever, forever for you.