Eternal Sacrifice

By Jeimii Ruisu

The darkness became him. Like a knife flashing in the moonlight, I could always sense his coming. My legs pressed against the pavement, I could hear his breath echoing down the street, the dark colors of the road around me melting into his own.

Like a violin dipping into it's lowest note, then soaring upwards, his voice could be heard through the thunderstorm, clear as the thunder's clap.

Tears stung my eyes as I felt his presence disappear that first night. I knew he would return, but it was getting too cold for me to stay. I had to leave, and I knew that this would be the end of such a short paradise.

The pavement below my legs chilled and disappeared as I stood, my arms drooped at my sides, and my hair hanging in front of my eyes. A crow sat on my shoulder, but disappeared as soon as I moved; it was jumpy, like my heart palpitating at the thought of hearing him once more.

The sunlight was appearing over the horizon; he would not come in the light. My hair would shield my eyes from the disappearing act of the sun, beaming down on my dark world so that it, along with my wildest dreams, would vanish for another day.

When I returned to the darkened night, he never came. Abandoned, I slept on the pavement, blood dripping from a wound in my chest, where I carved out my heart for him. He would find it there, I knew he would, or the light of the star of day would melt it away, disturbing the constant sacrifice I left for him.

I could hear music in the distance as a deeper void enveloped me, and I almost smiled. He would find it, I knew he would. My eternal sacrifice to him.

When I found him lying there, the sun was about to rise. A heart was carved out from his chest, throbbing painfully on the ground. A small smiled slipped onto my silken face as I knelt down and brushed some of the hair away from his youthful face. He would never know me as my true form, only as the depthless silken shadow that he loved. But I would never forget him, or his sacrifice to me.

The pavement was stained blood red.