You asked me last night about the storms. With your beautiful honey eyes opened wide, you asked me where they came from. At the moment, I didn't know how to explain it to you, but I do now.

The earth is living, as I have already told you. She's always watching over us, making sure we never run out of food or a good place to live. Her eyes are the sky, and they can see everywhere. However, poor old earth is in pain.

Yes my dear, she's in pain. Remember that time when I took you to the mountains, and on the way we passed by some big factories? Do you remember, my dear, the brown smoke that went out from them? And do you remember that time when we visited your grandparents in Mexico city? We were at their house, and you looked out to the rest of the city and asked me why the sky was brown instead of blue. Remember how I explained to you that the brown color came from the smoke of many cars and factories?

Well, all that smoke is going straight to earth's eyes. You do remember how your eyes watered when aunt Elise smoked next to you? It's the same deal with earth. Her eyes hurt from so much smoke, and often the pain grows so intense she cries.

You also asked me about the thunder, why it was so loud and so scary. I hope you remember that time when we passed by that small river in the road. You saw all the garbage that was lying there, obstructing the river's flow until, at one point, it almost dried up.

Well, that hurts Earth too. The rivers are Earth's veins, and it is too painful to her when one of her rivers stops flowing because of garbage. I remember, when I was younger, one of my uncles died because their veins got stuck with trash from junk food.

Well, the thunder is heard when Earth screams in pain. Her pain is so strong that the thunder from her voice is really scary. She's hoping that with all that screaming someone will pay attention to her and stop destroying her. However, few people now listen to Earth's cries for help. They have forgotten how to listen, how to understand her language.

Yes my dear, Earth can die if too much trash gets into her rivers and too much smoke gets into her eyes, just the way you and me can die of disease if we're not treated. Yes, honey, I agree that it is really sad. But people have forgotten that Earth is living too, and that she is in pain because of us. We all need to help her by not throwing trash into the streets.

Yes, I agree my dear. It's time to tend our garden. I'm sure Earth will appreciate the effort you put every week into making her look beautiful. If you help her now, she'll always make sure nothing is missing from your life. Now, look at that beautiful bird down by our tree. It's singing for you!