When I was little, I didn't understand why people stared at me all the time. After all, I didn't feel any different from all the other kids. I guess it was because of my looks, but I have never understood why looks are so important. My family lives, and works, in a circus, and we've always looked different from the rest of the people. The other people at the circus didn't seem to mind. After all, they were all different too. That's why they live in the circus too.

But I don't understand, what have my arms to do with anything? They're pretty useful for me, especially when I get into fights with some of the other kids. After all, none of their arms can bite like mine. What makes me different from all of them is that instead of hands, I've got two serpent heads at the end of each of my scaly arms. I've always felt special because of my arms.

These thoughts always crossed my head before it was time for me to go out into the ring and show off my amazing arms. They even moved like snakes, which allowed me to do all sorts of complicated moves that 'normal people' could not do because of their boring arms.

I knew my act to perfection. I would go out into the ring, wearing a tight green suit with scales, and dance. The music was really exotic, and while I danced I could see the awed expressions in the public's faces. They just loved me. People would come all over the world to watch me dance and make shapes with my hands. I have always been so proud of them.

Yet some people can't understand the beauty of them. They laugh, tease and even throw things at me because I don't look like them. Once, one of them threw a knife at me. It didn't hit any vital organ, but I had to spend a week in hospital. Oh, how I cried. I cried and cried, because people just don't seem to have respect for those who are different. My life has always been hard because of those persons, and sometimes it has been really hard for me to go on.

But when I step into the ring, and the mystical green light shines on me, and me only, everything suddenly makes sense. The soothing, mystical rhythm of the music invigorates my body, and my sensual moves give me all the security I need. When the audience claps at me, all the pain becomes worth it. I am suddenly a star, and people all love me. They don't care that I am different. All they can see is my dance, and my talent. When the clapping washes over my body, caressing my ears, my life suddenly makes sense to me, and I am able to hold my head high, and smile at them. I am a star.