Electrons don't really move

In an electric current.

They don't flow, not like rivers,

But we like to think they do.

Bumping, that's the action they choose

Or are fated to, kind of aggressive,

Slam into your neighbor, hey pass it on.

Some energy is dissipated, some is moved along.

Though electrons do drift,

I like drifting.

Did waves learn this from the tiny

Indefatigable electron?

Waves move, sure, we can watch them do so.

Some are racing ocean swells,

Others, steep short chop white topped

Spindrift blown.

But the molecules of water,

They don't move, not really.

Just slam into your neighbor and pass it on.

Water molecules do drift,

And I like their drifting even more.

The tide rises and falls, advances and recedes,

Though it to is a passing swell, a surge, a memory.

All movement without question.

Why is it we can't give with such mindless simplicity?

Nor accept with grace and forgetfulness.