they were pumping math and science

into my brain

making english and latin

course through my veins


but in their efforts

the stuff that stuck the best

was never written on a chalkboard

never graded on a test


i learned the art

the pursuit of dreams

that saying "carpe diem"

isn't quite as cliche as it seems


i learned to take his hand

and make him dance

to roll in the dirt

despite the ants


i learned to drop the kite

and watch it fly

and that you never actually

have to say good-bye


sometimes instinct

and intellect clash

and only pure whim and wish

survive the crash


life is for those that live

and death is for those that don't

and sometimes if you're not quick to jump

you'll find yourself seabound with no boat


this year i learned alot

from the books on teachers' shelves

but i learned a whole lot more

about believing in myself