AN: This is a dream.

I'm downstairs, at the stove, frying some eggs for her, and some toast for both of us. (I'm not really much of an egg person.)

She's so beautiful. Really. I… sometimes when I'm just thinking about her her beauty overwhelms me, the way it always does when I'm actually physically in her presence, except- sigh I wish she was here right now, I want to tell her…

"Hello there, darling" (Oooh I love her voice- wait, her voice?! She's here!!)

I spin, rapidly, eager to hug her-

Wha- she's not here? But…. sigh…

Of nowhere, I feel a soft hand on my shoulder- she giggles softly into my ear;

"mmmm, I love how quick you turn around when you hear my voice. So predictably … mmm… loving…"

And she pecks me, from behind, on the side of my neck….mmmm wow…

She steps out in front of me, purring to me- "mmm, you're smiling. You absolutely love when I do that, don't you?"

I reach forward, want to kiss her sooooooo badly….

She's wearing a beautiful, beautiful nightgown, a simple one, black with blood red lining- her favorite colors. Her long red hair doesn't look like it's been dealt with yet, but it's so beautiful anyway, it's really incredible. Recently, she painted her nails a hypnotic swirling vortex of black and that blood red- they're still every bit as beautiful as when she first painted them.

She's happy, I can see it in her eyes. She's really happy.

Rather than kissing her, I can't help but break into a big smile- I hug her tight, whispering "I love you…",

She hugs me tight too…


She's still holding me as she asks, "Wait, darling?"


"Were you making breakfast?"


"But… Wow. I love you. I really, really do."

"I love you too, hun."

"You know, all the other guys just made me make breakfast the morning after. Thanks for cookin."

purr I love when she says stuff like that- really, I love hearing her speak, I love when she listens to me, I love when we're both just sitting together, I love seeing her, I love her touch- I love everything about her.