The Longest Love Poem Ever Written

Sometimes I wish

I could see you in my dreams

All the time

(All the time)

I wish I could see you

Behind my eyelids

Every time I blink

There the Angel would be

Who talks and walks

Like The Devil Himself

You, who are so angelic and pure

While shooting up

With thorny needles

And gaining glowing

Foggy red eyes

With wings on your back

-Does no one else see them?-

They're not black or white

Not soft nor sharp

But they're alright

Let me describe you

My sweet slow addiction

Allow me to stay up

Night after night

Allow me to – with my unworthy pen

Write all the things you are

Until the ink runs out

(then I'll use my blood)

Until the paper is filled

(then I'll use my skin)

But I'll write it all

I'll write down exactly what you are

Until it is all recorded

That such a being did exist

And that must mean something

Let me record that

You are like Rain

You are like Sun

You are nourishment

Far superior to water and bread

No need to eat

No need to drink

No need to sleep

When you are alive in the world

You are the genius of a time

Of an age

Modern and ancient combined

Fused in a surreal embrace

Full of furry

And lack of Love

Flippant and aloof

You are the perfect

Distant observer

Oh to gain a glance!

Oh to gain a request!

Oh there can be nothing greater

How can this be?

How is this possible?

You try the patience

And wear the heart thin

As loving you

Is to love a machine or stone

Or blade of grass

Or prancing and fast-fleeing gazelle

So long it takes

To get a foot in

The tightly wedged door

Of your acknowledgment and care

All is slow-coming and even then

Trudging on and on

But all these things you don't even plan

Are pure genius

You are not ice cold white like winter

With extreme blue chill frost

Nor are you the steaming red hot fire

Of stifling sticky summer

You are instead

The cold breezes of Fall

The subtle comfort of Autumn

With its plodding pale

Oranges and yellows

And sweet whispers

Whistling through sparse trees

Falling asleep

Or just waking up

You could very well be

The wet, live of Spring

But no.

That would make you like a sunrise

When you arte so obviously

A gorgeous glowing Sunset

The world on fire dipped in ice

You are not airy

Or light or feathery

Without substance

Blue or clear or wispy

No, you are of the Earth.

Looking like a stumpy short

Little molehill yourself

As you stand so content

With eyes glowing

Eyes like a cat's – bright yellow

Like the sun through the leaves

And hair like the fresh, damp soil

And skin like every animal

Every cold-blooded creature

That slithers or crawls or jumps

And a clear voice

Like a brook as it runs over the stones

Wearing them all smooth

That voice.

That is like a thousand birds

All taking flight at once

That voice.

Oh tell me, please!

How on Earth

How in Heaven or in Hell

You could ever dream

Of condemning such a one

With such a voice as that!

How do you not tremble with Delight?

And sigh with infinite pleasure upon hearing it?

Soft and innocent

And ringing like bells!

How can you not

Instantly forgive

Any previous wrong

Committed against you

When you hear those words

Chirped so prettily

As if from a Devil-Angel-Bird

Created by an indecisive God

Who both wanted to make

A terrible mistake

And the greatest beauty

Ever to breathe human air

And live a much-too-short life

And while that same God

Flung parts together messily to make me

He held the clay so carefully

When it came to the mere Idea of You

He must have said,

'Here, this one will be envied!

Here, this one will be the most gorgeous,

Grandest, strongest, and dangerous being

I have ever and will ever create!'

And so here you are.

And here I am.

Your foolish following starving fool

Waiting anxiously for your gracious scraps to fall

Trying to seem like I don't need them

-Oh but you can clearly see I need them-

That I've completely given up all other

Sources of sustenance

Because after you – all is incompetent

And nothing is ever enough compared to you.

But you tell me to starve

And I'll starve!

You tell me to jump

And I will leap!

You tell me to burn

And I will roast to ashes!

You tell me to cry

And I will bawl gladly at your feet!

Tell me to fight

And I will be your army

And that is how awful your power is

And that I how weak my will around you is

But enough.

Allow me to further describe what you are

For that is what the world needs to hear.

That is the thing I need

To shout from rooftops until my voice is lost

You are the Moon.

But when it is a small sliver

-Covered almost all in black shroud-

You are Janis Joplin

Mixed with John Lennon

And Jimi Hendrix mixed with Tegan.

You are Green and Yellow

And brown and deep Red.

You are the wild rabid animal

So difficult to snag

Or even glimpse right away

The creature so very elusive

You have to wait months.

Months and months and months!

Crouching down among wet

Dirty scattered forest leaves

Gaining its trust so slowly

Proving your consistency

And loyalty and true desire

And after so many months

You still only barely manage

To brush the thing's fur

Slightly grazing the soft perfect thing

with your fingertips

but you'll continue to wait.

No doubt about that.

You'll stay in that forest

Until the months turn

To sorry years

And you die among the decay of Earth

Because you think

That might be a very fine way to die

Waiting for the one you love

You are like a drumbeat

Loud – and so violently strong

That you can feel the thumps

Beating against your chest

Beating against your heart.

To be continued…