A Savior's Pulse




Sing the song

Live the life

like an

Unbreakable rhythm

(God, God, God)

The blood pulse

The tear-stained looseleaf

The beat down

Break down the doubts

cause it's dancing in front of you

Can't you see

Oh, can't you see

and I only play to stay alive

Like an Unbreakable lifeline

(Music, Music, Music)

Like you wouldn't believe

cause it's just that beautiful

Can you sing enough?

Breathe the breath

Kill the death

cause it's eating me alive

Like that first time you fell in love

but couldn't hold on tight enough

(cause selfishness rules the world)

How can I vocalize

how much I feel it?

Live as a kid

where I live for cartoons

and she'd rather save the world

than get a boyfriend

Wanna sing our hearts out

in remembrance of who

we couldn't be

when we

crush the crowns

it breaks my heart

to see you like this

Sing the song

Live the life

she lives for Him

"O captain, my captain"

(Oh God, dear God

Please just let me live for You)

where You'll run through the veins

Pumping blood

Your beating pulse

(and a letter I just couldn't send)

like the song

we'll sing out loud

to keep ourselves from going crazy

Before Baby Grand cracks her keys

and someone's baby

feels like dying

Lose the lie

Break the bars

Breathe, honey, breathe

cause when it comes to

saving the world

(I just wanna see him smile)





-Broken Petals

To God, Rachael and Jonathan