I did not swim to sea
as once I said I would
but turned the currents around
carried myself back to land
in the curve of your wake
ripped myself in two
for a brand new pair of legs
spread them wide enough
to straddle both land and sea

Even for trying I could not name
all the endless things there were to love
like the wind in your hair
your laugh while the trees swayed
your smile when I taught you
how it felt to swim in the rain

And the days would pass so easily
with your warmth so close to me
I began to forget the cool comforts
of my days in the blue depths
so when I saw you gaze inland with longing
I followed you further

Soon shore was out of sight
we travelled through trees and sunsets
caught up in the sound of the dream
I believed you were leading us to
sun grew stronger air grew thicker
and I stumbled into days
when there were no streams
as we travelled and thirsted on
even the trees grew thin
my skin stung with the dry wind

I woke up one morning
to nothing but sand

Having come this far beside you
how could I lose faith
or believe you loved me less
than you loved you?
So I smiled and kissed you
and I followed you again

It has taken a long time
for all this sand to wear my watered soul
down into dehydration and realization
that you too are a desert
you drink and drink of me
but have no fill
you shine golden and beautiful
but you leave me bare, wounded, exposed
with no shelter to call home
I cannot stay here and survive

One morning soon I will wake before you
while you still sleep in your lull of comfort
from the love I poured over you the night before
I will gather the few shells of my name I have left
and walk away in the direction
my steps remember waits the sea