our visions
the ones we thought the same
so different
looking at one spinning crystal hope
but you at an angle opposite to me
both our hearts shoot in
get rainbow refracted out again
before we can even flood into
one another

so a path may part

if this deflection and twist
causes such light that you cannot stay
and is yet an avenue aside
set at the agony of slow speed
a maze of our own broken ways
the closer we are compelled
to reach out for a single sight

how will you meet sunrise
and a morning light
in which you cannot hide
when you could not gather the courage
from a love that though love
you gave divided
when you could not turn your hope
to the validity of my vision

the flight I found with you
the echo of possibility we began
the birth of an uncontainable flame
I looked through your eyes
lived your vision
was the light in your sight
but when did you ever, truly
look through mine