If Love Was A Destination

...then I've embarked on an eternal journey.

You trudged on the street
Hands tucked into pockets
Eyes on your feet

Treading softly on rain-washed roads
Hoping they'll carry you somewhere
Blindly bearing your searing load
Reaching for someone that's never been there

Yet as the sunset cascades across your troubled mind
Your face glows as your paths unwind
Where clear was clouded with musky gray
There is now no trace of old disarray

Gold–lick'd mountains aid your step
As you deepen in lush forests unkempt
Searching far and wide for something real
Something solid you can feel

Someone to take the weariness away
From the glowing embers of each passing day
A person to share the joys of life
And converse with about its continuous strife

And suddenly
Your eyes meet, your hearts beat
And you linger and slow your step…

When a look is simply not enough
You know that you've found love

Yes. I'm well aware that the title sucks. Pooh.

I hope you liked the poem though! Please leave constructive criticism, or better, a suggestion.

Thank you.