I sit around the house,
Waiting for a call
I run a finger over the
Cards we playing with
I watch the neighbors
Around their house,
Reliving all the memories
Of you, of us.

Nothing's the same since you left
Everyone misses you,
Mostly me.
I think of you often,
And I hope you'll come back
I smile with the memory of your smile
I laugh with the thought of your laugh
I cry with the thought of letting you go

My heart breaks whenever you're mentioned
I just close my eyes and think of the times we had
Talking, laughing, and playing that game.
Righ5t now it's just a game
When you were here, it was a future story,
A future laugh.
I miss having you to talk to
You were my best friend.

I recall the memories
Just like they were yesterday
We were there for each other,
When no one else was
We laughed and cried together
I never want to let you go,
But I have to listen to my mind
I will never forget you