It was in the moments that I needed it

That I forgot

And what are you to do

When everything you've learned

Slides through your fingers

What happens when evil flows

And darkness grips you

And you're not stronger enough

To release yourself

When you're pressed between a wall and a hand

And neither is on your side

You're too afraid

And can't talk

And that's usually

Your only defense

But now you're a l o n e

And the silence is the only thing there

And your soft whimpers

But it's not like anyone can hear you

Or that they'll help you

Because you're strong enough

And older enough

To fend for yourself

But what happens when

Those preconceived notions are wrong?

And then you're left by yourself

On your own

And can't remember what you were taught

It is nothing that you know

Your heart is

E m p t y

And even the love that you once knew

Can't fill you up

The love that should be saving you

Jesus' hands

But your cries are unanswered

And the angels are crying

Or at least it feels that way

As you see their tears on the windows

And your blood on your hips

And his mouth on your lips

And you can't move

Or breathe

You're scared

And scarred

And no one knows

Or will ever know

What happened to you

All because of him