She sits on her bed silently crying

Tear streaks running down her face

Her swollen right eye bright red

Soon to be black and by society unseen.

Her left arm is tightly bandaged

As it hangs limply by her side

Many thoughts run through her head

Thoughts that no teen should think.

'Do I deserve this treatment?

Do I deserve to be in pain?

What is the point of living?

Why won't anybody help me?'

Day by day she wonders

While she sits and cries on her bed

If ever life will be different

If ever her eternal torment will end.

Time passes by and her flesh heals

Only to be replaced by new ones.

Continually her eyes search the crowds

At school none turn her way.

Her eyes are wide and pleading

And always on the verge of tears.

Then one day a stranger approaches her

And he asks her a question she had never expected

But had always dreamed of hearing

'Hey there, what's wrong?

Her heart fills with a hope long forgotten,

His next words are even more pleasing

And please, I want to hear the truth

I don't want to hear any lies.'