Chapter Eight:

You, Me, and My Medication: The Aftermath of the Party.

I groaned at the sunlight trying to open my eyelids. Not yet. Please, not yet. I thought desperately. Then something fell on me.

Or someone I guess.

"Gah." I winced. "Fritz, stop." I tried to turn but I was between their legs. "I mean it Fritz!" I snapped my eyes open and turned to face him. "God dammit I--!"

Kaci was giggling at me. Her face was two inches away from mine. Her cheeks were a soft pink, and her hair messy.

"Get up!" She jumped off me, pulled the covers off, and whispered in my ear. "It's a brand new day."

I grinned. "Oh?" I sat up quickly, grabbed the back of her neck, pulled her under the covers with me, and started to giggle. "Now you're my prisoner. Got that? So, let me sleep." I frowned when I saw her cheeks turn into a dark, deep red. "Is something wrong?" I touched her forehead. "You're not sick, are you?"

"Um... No." She mumbled.

"No? You sure."

"Yeah... I-I'm sure."

"Okay. Then what's wrong?"

She cupped my face again and whispered, "This."


"What?" I asked.

She leaned forward, but a loud CRASH! And a FOOOOSH made us both jump.

It was way too early for this.


We walked out of our room and saw Kirui talking to a firefighter. Just fucking wonderful. I barley noticed that Kaci's hand was really close to mine, and it wouldn't take much to grab it, but what the hell?!

Jesus Christ. I need to get over this hangover thing, man. It's making me think weird.

I walked over to Kirui. The firefighter left him in a distorted position. His head was in his hands and sighed when I asked, "What's going on?"

He seemed to jump at the sound of my voice. He looked at me and relief flooded his face.

"Oh, thank God." He breathed. "Maybe you cant talk to him." He ushered me into the blackened room which I read was 66.

That was Hell's room…


I walked in and immediately looked around for him. The walls were blackened. They looked like someone had splashed black paint randomly on the walls. His curtains were singed, and his couch burned to bits. The carpet had been taken out, and I could see black spots on the floor.

Let's just say: It was a mess.

"Um… Can you tell me where Hell is?" I asked a lone firefighter who was shoveling a few charred black things.

"Hell?" He smirked. "Well, hmm… If you're really bad, then--"

"God dammit." I groaned. "Tell me where the freaking boy is!"

"The pyro?"


"Oh." The buff fireman pointed to a black room that was closed off with yellow tape and door that had fallen off its hinges. "He's over there."

"Yeah." I walked to the room. "Thanks."

I gulped when I touched the door. Part of it's wood fell off and turned to ashes. I pushed it aside and walked inside.

It was his room.

The walls were all padded, like the rest of the room, and his bed was just a blue Aero Bed. We couldn't trust him with a real bed, so we gave him an inflatable one. Jesus Christ, I talk like he's retarded or something. Well, he isn't.

He's just… Troubled.

I saw him.

He was sitting on the, now black, window sill and just stared out. His back was to me, and, damn, he actually looked like his old self.

He has red-and-black, spiked hair. It was a dark red with black underneath it. It looked cool. He had black eyes, black like Satan's heart, and the most perfect smile. It was pearly white and totally straight, but that's not what made it so perfect.

It was when he used it.

It was gorgeous. It would light up his whole face and his eyes would sparkle like fire was dancing within them. It looked just like the midnight sky with every shining star within them. His laugh was so crisp, so clean. It would make any girl swoon, really.

"So," His scruff voice almost startled me. "he sent you in here to talk to me, eh?"

I walked closer. "If by 'he' you mean' Kirui' then, yeah, he sent me."


I touched his shoulder and he flinched. "Andrew--"

"Andrew?" He scoffed, and didn't meet my hazel eyes. "I thought everyone here called me 'Hell'. What happened to that? I liked it."

"Heh." I shook my head. "Fine then. Hell, why--" My whole body stiffened as he looked at me with those black eyes.

They looked so pained.

He grabbed my shoulders and whispered, "Don't. Not you. I don't want you to call me that. I want you to say my name again… Please."

"Okay." I placed my hand on one of his shoulders and stared into those, once lively, eyes. "Andrew. What-the-hell happened?" I couldn't keep the smirk off my face, and he gave me a ghost-of-a-grin.

My heart broke. I couldn't even get him to smile anymore.

"I. Don't know." His eyes looked away, but he didn't move. "I just… I was…" His grip on my shoulders tightened. "Thinking." His voice became strained. "I… All I remember was that… I had…" That grip started to hurt. "A match in my hand. I was thinking, and…"

"Ah, Andrew, you're… Hurting me." I said softly.

His eyes snapped back into my gaze and he released me immediately. "I-I… I'm so sorry. I don't know what… I was just… I… I was--"

"Andrew. It's okay. What were you thinking about?"

It took him a while to answer, but he finally whispered, "You."

"… Me? Why?" I blinked. "Where you thinking about when you burned me?" He seemed to tense at that. "Andrew. Jesus. I've told you a million times, it's okay." I smiled and cupped his neck. "Why do you have to be so damn stubborn?"

"I… I don't know." His eyes looked even more painful and sad. "I just cant stop thinking about it. Lily…"

My eyes widened.

"What?" Andrew asked. "What is it?"

"You…" I couldn't find my voice. So, I had to whisper. "You said my name. You… Never say it. Not anymore."

"Oh…" Andrew pulled away from my touch.

"No, no, say it again!" I pleaded. Maybe I could finally make him smile! "Please?"

He stared at me. His red-and-black hair fell into his eyes and he continued to stare.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked politely.

He smiled. "You."

I gaped. He smiled!! "A-A--" My cheeks burned.

But the smile disappeared in a flash. Like it wasn't even there.

"Sir." Came a stern voice. I shrieked, fell into Andrew's arms, and gasped when he wrapped his arms around me. I looked up. It was a firefighter. "We need to speak with you."

I looked at Andrew's face. He was staring at me thoughtfully. His features had gone soft, but, when he looked at the man, they turned hard again. "Then talk."

"What started the fire?"

"I did. The matches are under the bed. Same as the last time."

"Sir. We need you to come with us. We cant have you keep doing this. The man named Kirui has asked us politely if we let you stay, but I cant let you. You're going to have to move somewhere else. You're causing this place too much damage."

"What?!" I gasped. I looked at Andrew, or Hell. "No! Andrew you cant! Please, I'm begging you to stay! Just stay… With me. Please."

He looked at me with those black eyes. His gaze turned soft again. "Do you really want me to stay that badly?"

"Yes. Just don't go! I-I cant… I don't know what I'd do if you weren't in this place." I lowered my gaze. I couldnt stand it if he started a fire somewhere else and I couldnt be there for him. It's my fault he's like this.

He nodded. "Fine." He looked at the firefighter. Hey, my daddy's a firefighter!

Damn. Now family memories are coming back. Great.

"I'm staying." Andrew said firmly. "Do what you want."

I squealed, hugged his neck, and whispered, "Thanks Andrew."

"Lily." He wrapped his strong, muscled arms around my small frame. "I'll look after you."

"Yeah right. You're always in your damn room." I giggled.

"Then I'll come out." He pushed back and stared at me; smiling. "Just for you."

"Okay." I smiled warmly back. "Just keep that smile up, ya hear? I love it when you smile."

He laughed. For the first time in a long time.

"Heh. Sure thing."


"Lily?" I walked out and saw Kaci. "What happened?"

"Nothin'." I walked out of this little Love Shack with my new friend. "Let's take a walk."

"Uh… Sure. Where are we going?"

"Nowhere." I shrugged.


We walked past a few office buildings and still silence. The sky was perfectly blue and just a couple puffy-with clouds grazed past us. It was a perfect day.

"Hey Kaci?" I asked. I fiddled with the ruffles on my skirt. "Why are you suddenly talking to me? I mean, before yesterday you never said a word."

She shrugged, stuffing her hands into her gray pant pockets. "I dunno. I… Didn't really know what to say at first."

"Well… Why are you so happy with me now?"

She looked at me and smiled. It was pure, bright, and it lit up the world. "Because now I know how I feel about you. I'm sure about everything around you. I'm not really confused anymore."

"Um… What?" Whoa. That sounded a little too much like an 'I like you' statement.

"Last night." She shrugged again.

"Oh…" Shit! I could barely remember last-freakin'-night! What did I say?! Did I do anything?! Did I--"

Kaci's hand was a bit damp on my warm cheek.

Shit. Flashes of last night were coming back way too fast.

As we walked through the empty halls, I wondered about that 'almost kiss'. I mean, maybe she didn't know what she was doing. Maybe, whoa, I almost lost my footing going up the stairs.

What? 'Almost kiss'? When the hell did that happen? God dammit. I think I had, like, twenty drinks last night. That's why my head was spinning this morning, and, gah, it still is. I guess I didn't notice it when I was talking to Hell, or Andrew, or… Whatever.

My head is spinning.

Our hands bumped eachother and I jumped to the side a few inches. "G-Gah!" I cried. My face was cherry-red, my heart was racing, and my mind was running around in dizzying circles.

Kaci giggled. "What?"

"Uh, uh, n-nothing!" I turned away. "God dammit."

What was going on? I looked at Kaci, she was smiling and looking at the sky. She was so damn happy looking, and what did I look like?

Like a mad tomato. That's what.