CRDP Cases

Case 001: Doppelgangers


Description; someone is after the CRDP psychic, can the team figure it out before they lose Adir all together?


A/N: sorry it has taken so long to get this posted. I'd like to thank Wes, who is working with me to get things caught back up after my beta left for personal reason. Those that have sent me messages for being my beta, all are under consideration and as soon as I catch up I'll sort them out. Each will get an email letting you know what is going on.


"What is this?" The man asked as he shifted in the chair he was sitting in.

"That's the current report on the CRDP building security," the teen replied. He smirked as he watched the man read the report.

"I don't find this funny, Henry," the man said as he glanced back at the teen.

"I do," Henry said. He laughed outright as he watched the man scowl at him. "I guess the man just decided to redo his security from the ground up. Must have been, fed up with all those things getting in."

"Why don't you go roast something?" the man hissed before shooing the teen out of the room.

"I could roast you, Clyde." Henry said. Clyde watched him go, and he shook his head, hearing Henry's laughter before turning back to the report in his hand. He scowled as he looked it over; it would seem the computer hacker had indeed improved the system.

Clyde shifted before he dropped the file onto the table beside his chair. He leaned back and closed his eyes with a wistful sigh; he so wanted to get his hands on that little psychic. He knew that he had to get Adir away from the hacker. The boy needed someone to nurture him, someone to help him with his ability, not some hacker trying to control him.

"Clyde?" he looked up to see a young girl enter the room; her large brown eyes were confused. "What's wrong with Henry?"

"A lot?" Clyde joked, as he cracked a smile. He watched as a small smile tugged at the girl's mouth. "Why do you ask, Marie?"

"Because he just Cajun-ed dinner," she shrugged slightly, "and I don't really like my chicken tasting like ash."

"Sorry, he's upset," Clyde said and stood. He walked down to the cabinet that stood against one wall and poured himself a glass of wine. He brought the glass to his mouth and took a long draft of wine before turning back to the girl. "He thinks I'm chasing a ghost, but truly, Adir Shen will be mine."

"Well he's an ass," Marie replied with a shake of her blond head.

"And I know you like the hacker," Clyde grinned, "but I can guarantee he's never looked at a woman twice. I can even say since meeting Adir, he hardly looks at men."

"That's because his sex kitten keeps him so well fucked," another voice joined them, and Clyde turned grinned at the man who sauntered into the room.

"True," Clyde grinned, "and that makes me think, if we plant that seed in his mind, maybe when he tries to fuck everything in his path, Mercer Telford will be pissed."

"I don't think it'll work," Marie said softly, bringing both men's eyes back to her.

"Like you would know," Clyde hissed and glared at her. He watched as the girl shrugged, before she left the room with a huff.

"She doesn't understand; she's still pissed about knowing that Mercer is out of her reach," the man said slowly, turning to where Clyde was standing.

"Really Mackenzie, what am I going to do with you?" Clyde asked as he grinned at the man.

"I could think of a few things," Mackenzie replied as he moved to pour himself a drink before turning back to his boss, "but since you're so obsessed with this five foot psychic, I guess that won't be happening."

"Like we wouldn't kill each other," Clyde laughed, shaking his head as he dropped back into his chair.

"Never know, are you ready to go?" Mackenzie asked softly and set the untouched drink down.

"Yes," Clyde said as he got up and followed the other man from the room.

It didn't take them long until they were standing on the roof of a three-story building, looking out over the shopping district. While they waited, Mackenzie took his time to look over his boss. Clyde was tall, about six feet even, with longish blond hair and a pair of startlingly pale blue eyes. However, while Clyde was beautiful, the man was as cold as ice.

"You really shouldn't think so loud, Mac," Clyde said with a grin as he glanced at the man. Mackenzie just shrugged before going back to watching. He knew that Adir Shen was somewhere in the building they were standing on. He also knew that someone from the center was with him.

"Is that him?" Mackenzie asked as he nodded to the two people that had just stepped from the building onto the sidewalk. He noted the intense look he saw on the man's face.

"That would be him." Clyde grinned, his eyes running the length of the blonde's slender body.

"And is that Mercer Telford?" Mackenzie asked, frowning when Adir paused, the boy's body shuttering slightly before he looked around.

"No, that would be Gunther Havelock," Clyde grinned, "He's Archer Keaton's mate."

"He's kind of sexy," Mackenzie grinned, but stopped when his boss gave him a look. Mackenzie shook his head, and he reached out to set his hand onto Clyde's shoulder. He lent his strength to the man, allowing Clyde the power boost he needed in order to plant the seed of lust into Adir's mind.

Mackenzie continued to watch the two teens and saw Adir pause again and shutter. While the boy scanned the area, he neglected to look up. He saw Gunther mount a motorcycle before handing a helmet to Adir. As Adir slipped the helmet on, he saw a small flash at the base of the boy's neck, barely visible because of the hair and wondered what it was.

"Done?" Mackenzie asked. When Clyde nodded to him, he removed his hand and shook only to feel the small pinpricks that tingled through it. "What the hell was that flash?"

"This," Clyde said, holding out his hand. In the center of his hand a small ball of cloudy energy swirled, and suddenly they could hear the reeve of the motorcycle. "Now I can keep an ear on the boy."

"Well, I'm not sure how much more perverted you can get," Mackenzie grunted before he moved away from the ledge.

"What?" Clyde asked moving to follow after the man, "I want to be able to figure out his routine. That's all."

"Sure that's all, what a rip," Mackenzie grinned with a shake of his head as he looked back at his boss. He had to admit though, the blond was gorgeous. But still, it would be like fucking a twelve year old. He liked his lovers at least to look like they were grown up. Of course you couldn't convince Clyde that Adir was too young for him.


Mercer walked into the central area and paused to watch his lover. Adir was sitting at a desk; the boy's face a muse of concentration. With a smile, he crossed the room to stop beside the desk that Adir was sitting at. "What are you doing, Love?"

"Playing," Adir replied not looking up. He reached up to scratch at the back of his neck; he wondered again if the helmet that Gunther had made him wear the other day had caused an allergic reaction.

"Shen?" Mercer asked with concern in his voice as me moved behind his lover. He saw that Adir was playing with his virtual pets and had to smile again. Since the boy couldn't have his own pet, he had found a site that let him have virtual pets. And now Shen had cats, dogs, and horses, which he spent several hours a day playing with, feeding, and generally wasting time.

And there was of course the fish in the aquarium that now separated two rooms he and Adir occupied. At over a thousand gallons, they had a lot of fish, and Adir loved to feed and watch them. Mercer glanced down when he saw the boy was rubbing the back of his neck again.

"Something wrong?" Mercer asked softly as he moved to touch the boy's head.

"The back of my neck itches," Adir complained as he turned with a pouty face to his lover. Mercer grinned and moved the boy's hair to look at the back of Adir's neck. He let his finger tips rub over the slightly red skin, but he didn't see anything to be worried about.

"The skin is slightly red; if you stop scratching at it you should be fine," Mercer said as he leaned down to kiss his lover's cheek. His eyes strayed to the computer screen; a smile crossed his face as he watched Adir's little virtual puppies play on the screen. "Those are cute, are they new?"

"Yes," Adir grinned, leaning back into his lover's chest. "I finally talked Casimir into letting me breed one of my bitches with his stud."

"Do you know how wrong that sounds?" Mercer asked.

"Extremely," Casimir said as he came into the room. "Where are Gun and Arch?"

"Not sure," Mercer said softly looking up, "they left when Archer got back."

"Oh," Casimir replied as he dropped down into a chair beside the desk. He looked over at the screen and a smile came to his face as he watched the little virtual animals.

"I just don't see what you guys find fun about these things," Mercer said with a shake of his head as he moved to his own desk. He turned to the work he had, only half listening to his lover. After the case with Erebus and Nur had ended, he had taken Adir away for two weeks. As surprised as Adir was to find himself in the middle of the woods and in a log cabin, it had worked out.

Adir had spent the first two days crying, grieving for all those he had lost. Adir's emotions were his own, since Mercer could block him, giving Adir a chance to experience what it was like to be able to open his mind without guarding himself. It had been good for the boy, although Shen still was restless, since that time he was less prone to wandering the center in the middle of the night.

"You are thinking very hard," Adir said softly, only to see his lover jump. A grin spread across the boy's face as he slipped into Mercer's lap.

"I was thinking about how far you've come in the last few months," Mercer said as he dropped a kiss to the top of the boy's head.

"We have," Adir said as he snuggled in. His favorite past time was snuggling with Mercer, and it was something he did as often as he could.

"You do know I have work to do, right?" Mercer asked as he wrapped his arms tighter around his lover; he heard the small content sighs his kitten was making.

"So work," Adir said not moving from where he was. Mercer grinned as he worked around his lover as he often had to do. When he thought back to the time spent in the cabin, Mercer looked down to see Adir's smile. Mercer turned back to his work and soon found himself lost in his programs. His hand absently moved over his lover as the boy lay against him.


Adir rolled his eyes cracked open as he tossed an arm over his lover's chest. He let his tiny bowed mouth close over Mercer's nipple and pulled a low moan from the man. Mercer's hand came up to tangle in Adir's hair, the man pulled slightly. Adir raised his head to meet Mercer's eyes and with a huge grin, he shifted again to bring his mouth to Mercer's.

Mercer groaned into the boy's mouth; last night Adir had been nearly insatiable. It would seem that this morning the boy was ready for another round. He kept his hands tightly on his lover as he took an assessment of his own body. He was sore and still very tired. But Adir's hard member was rubbing against his hip, and Mercer gave up with just kisses this morning.

"Adir…" Mercer started as he tried to pull the boy's mouth away from his sensitive skin. The last week had been spent in endless hours of lovemaking, and yet it never seemed to satisfy Adir.

"Want you," Adir mewled as he tried to lick Mercer's skin again.

"Shen…" Mercer started, he wasn't sure how much more of this he could take. He liked sex as well as the next person, but his body was screaming for more sleep. He was about to say something else when his security beeped, and AIMI popped up. He jumped, still not use to the computer personality he had created just a few weeks before. Then there was the fact that she popped up at the most inconvenient of times.

"Someone is trying to breach our computers again," The holographic girl said.

"Shit," Mercer swore as he pulled away from his lover. "I'm sorry baby, but I have to check this."

Adir nodded, he watched as Mercer got up to pull on his clothing. Once his lover had left the room, Adir rolled to his stomach. His body was aroused, and he desperately wanted to feel Mercer possess him again. He rocked his hips against the bed, a low moan escaping him at the friction on his cock. For some reason his body never seemed satisfied, no matter what he tried.

He closed his eyes as he continued to hump the bed and let his fantasies run freely through his head. It didn't take long for his body to find its peak and to spill himself on the sheet. His body was still tingled from his orgasm, but it was unfulfilled. Only one time last night has Mercer been able to completely scratch the itch deep inside him, and it had taken the man fucking him nearly unconscious to do it.

Tears slipped down Adir's cheeks; he didn't know what was wrong with him. Clothing irritated his skin; he was aware of everyone around him, more so than he had been. When Gunther and Archer got intimate, it sent his senses into overdrive. He had been to see Jacy a few days before, but the woman had found nothing wrong.

After a few minutes, he finally got up and went in search of a shower. He quickly showered and kept his mind blank so that his body would cooperate with him. Once he had dressed, he worked on changing the sheet on their bed. Once that task was completed, he fed his fish before going in search of his own breakfast.

"Hey," Gunther said as Adir entered the kitchen. The kid was seated at the table, drinking coffee and looking over a cook book.

"Morning," Adir said and headed towards the coffee, even through most of the team didn't like him drinking it. Even Mercer normally forbade him from drinking it.

"You okay?" Gunther asked. Adir nodded before sitting down to wrap his hands around the cup. "Are you hungry?"

"Sort of," Adir replied as he dropped his eyes. He glanced up when Gunther set something down in front of him; with a grateful smile, he started to pick at his meal.

"Come on, Shen, tell me what's wrong." Gunther said. He moved to place a hand over the other teen and looked surprised when Adir pulled back.

"Sorry," Adir started. "I am not comfortable touching anyone right now."

"Okay," Gunther pulled back with pain in his voice as he continued to watch his small friend. There was something wrong with Adir; anyone could see it. The boy was pale and withdrawn, and they could see that the relationship between Adir and his lover was slightly strained.

"It is not you, my Gunny, I can not even stand to have Merc touch me," Adir explained as he pushed his nearly untouched breakfast away.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Gunther asked as he moved to push the plate back towards the boy. Adir went back to picking at his meal before he glanced up at Gunther again.

"I no longer have control over my body," Adir muttered, as he once again pushed the plate away. "I can not even sleep next to Mercer without the need to fuck."

"But…" Gunther trailed off.

"No, this is the worst; even after spending all night in each other arms, my body is still unsatisfied," Adir said as he left the kitchen. He wandered around the building feeling restless, not exactly sure what he should do.

"Shen?" Adir looked over as Mercer called his name.

"What?" Adir asked as he hopped up on the desk.

"We have a case, we're going to need you," Mercer replied as he shifted papers. He paused to look up at his lover to see Adir was staring off into space. "Shen?"

"Got it, new case, need help," Adir said but didn't turn to look at Mercer. Mercer reached out to touch the boy, but pulled his hand back when Adir scuttled off the desk.

"Shen?" Mercer asked, his eyes wide.

"Sorry, but unless you want to…" Adir trailed off, his eyes wide as he stared at his lover. Mercer nodded before he turned back to his paperwork. Adir wandered back to the desk, where he hopped back up onto the desk. He shifted until he could grab the candy, and then watched his lover work.


Adir tried to sit still, but he couldn't seem to help the restlessness he felt. He glanced again at the man he was supposed to be observing. He knew that none of the others in the group would touch him; he had already hissed at Mercer for touching him. Now the rest of them kept looking at him questionably.

"Getting anything kitten?" Mercer asked softly.

"No," Adir answered, his attention on the man. The pounding beat made his blood pound in his veins, and his thoughts turned to another pounding, feeling his body heat up.

"Adir," Mercer warned his voice low. Adir glanced back at him; the boy's eyes were wide. Adir took a deep breath and pulled himself under control again. Sending his mind out, he touched on the man they were watching. It didn't take him long to get the information that they needed.

"You got something, kid?" Casimir asked as Adir's eyes glazed over.

"They plan on shipping the children after eleven tonight," Adir replied. He hopped down from the stool he was on and made his way across the dance floor.

Mercer stood to follow after the boy, his eyes on Adir's form just ahead of him. He wasn't sure what the boy was up to, but he didn't want Adir touching the man. He watched as Adir danced around the man, the boy never coming in contact with him. Mercer knew the minute the man became aware of Adir, for he could see the lust that clouded the man's eyes.

Mercer moved slowly, letting his arms snake around Adir's waist as his eyes met those of the man. He dared the man to say anything as he pulled Adir back against him and let his hands cup tiny hips. Adir turned in Mercer's arms, wrapping his arms around is lover's neck. Adir pulled him down, "Merc."

Mercer grinned as he captured his lover's pouty lips. He pulled Adir flush against him and let his hands wander to the boy's well-shaped ass. He knew that getting his lover going again would result in him being up half the night fucking Adir, but at that moment he didn't care. They found the beat and began to move in sync with one another.

Adir closed his eyes and let his body rock to the beat while Mercer held him. It was perfect, and at the moment, all he could do was sigh. He could feel his body becoming even more aroused. He looked up to meet his lover's eyes, and he could see Mercer's eyes clouding with lust.

With a smile, Adir pulled his Merc closer, grinding his groin against the man's hip. A groan escaped him when Mercer's hand cupped his ass again. Lost between the sensations, he didn't notice it when the rest of the team left. Mercer did, however, having caught Archer's eye before the man had left.

"Come on, kitten," Mercer whispered into Adir's ear, "let's get out of here."

"Home," Adir muttered as Mercer led them from the club.


Gunther curled tighter into his lover's side as he tried once again to block out the noise.

"I'm sure they are almost finished," Archer soothed as he shifted to pull the kid tighter against his side.

"You said that two hours ago; something is wrong with Shen," Gunther said grouchily as he pulled the blanket over his head. Archer shook his head; he had also realized that something wasn't right with the psychic, but so far all tests had come back normal. They had yet to figure out what it was.

"I'm sure he'll be okay," Archer replied.

"I want to move rooms," Gunther groaned. He pulled the blanket down and peered into Archer's eyes.

"We are not moving rooms," Archer told him. It was then they heard the loud cry, and then all became quiet. "See, they seem to be done."

"I hope so; it's nearly three in the morning." Gunther said as he snuggled back down into his mate's side. It didn't take long for Gunther to fall asleep. Archer wrapped his arms tight around his lover and lent his ears to the room beside theirs. He needed to make sure that both of his people were okay, but so far, it looked like Adir was not right.

Archer fell into a fitful sleep; every sound in the building woke him. Finally he pulled away from his lover to get out of bed. He pulled on clothing on his way to the door, figuring that he could get a few things done before the others were up. However, as he entered the central area, he saw Jacy sitting at one of the computers.

"Jacy?" Archer asked; he saw the doctor look up.

"Oh hey," the woman said, but she sounded distracted. "I was going over Shen's tests again trying to find out what is going on with him."

"And?" Archer asked as he moved to sit in the other chair. He watched as the woman looked over the papers again before she shrugged.

"Nothing abnormal; I don't see why all of a sudden he's like this," she said with another shake of her head, "His rise in sexual need is what's abnormal; I just can't find a cause."

"Well keep me informed," Archer replied as he left the area and entered his office to drop behind his desk. He had paperwork from their last case to look at. He pulled a file open, and with a frown started in on it.


Braxton tossed the drink back then let eyes scan the bar again. He had spent the last week looking for someone; he just didn't know who yet. It had been three months, three months without Wilber's smiling face. Three months to reflect on what he had done. But even with all the remorse, what he felt wasn't going to bring back the boy. Nothing was. He had managed to finally track someone down that could tell him the score when Nur crossed someone over; it was forever.

He glanced over as someone came to sit next to him. He could see the guy was interested, but Braxton was not. The man had dark hair and brown eyes, and that wasn't what he was looking for. No, he needed corn silk blond hair and blue eyes. Turning away, he motioned the bartender to fill his glass again.

"You want some company?" Braxton froze at the voice, it was quiet and British. It sounded so much like Wilber he turned slightly and eyed the person standing beside him.

"Are you even old enough to be in here?" Braxton asked, watching as the boy hopped up on a stool.

"Sure," The boy said with a grin. Braxton watched as the boy nodded towards the bartender. "So, you've been here a lot this month."

"You cut right to the chase, huh?" Braxton asked as he nursed his drink.

"Well my mum always told me, I'd never learn anything if I don't ask," the boy said as he thanked the bartender for the beer. He turned back to Braxton and watched him with his light blue eyes. "So?"

"Not in the mood to talk," Braxton muttered.

"Then do you want to go some place quiet?" the boy asked. Braxton turned his attention to the boy again, this time really looking the other male over.

"Do you have any clue as to what you're even asking?" Braxton asked. He watched as the boy nodded, and with a frown, he turned back to his drink.

"Look, you look like you could use some companionship," the boy said as he reached out. Braxton caught the boy's wrist and yanked him off of the stool. He saw wide blue eyes look at him surprised and had to smile.

"You got a name?" Braxton asked as he glanced down at the top of the boy's head.

"Joey." The boy answered. Braxton nodded before pulling away to toss a few bucks on the bar and then grabbed Joey's hand to pull the boy behind him. Exiting the bar, he paused to look around.

"Motel," Joey said, nodding to the building across the street. Braxton glanced around to make sure the street was clear before he started across. Braxton left the boy beside the office as he went in to rent a room. With the key in his hand, Braxton exited the motel office to grab the boy again.

Braxton got the door open and pulled the boy into the room as he slammed the door shut. He turned and pulled Joey to him, his mouth finding the boy's. The kiss was deep and all-consuming Braxton let his sense reach out to wrap around the boy; every little moan that came from the boy was a salve to his senses. Joey tasted like beer and lust; Braxton wanted to taste it all.

Braxton pulled back and moved to strip the boy of his clothing. As he exposed pale skin, he found that he was becoming impatient. He pulled his shirt off before he dropped them to the bed; his eyes met the pale blue of Joey's. He let his hand gently run down the boy's pale skin, his eyes never leaving Joey's.

He attacked the boy's pale chest to let his tongue flick out over the salty skin. He shifted down to capture one of the boy's pert nipples, but stopped suddenly when he heard the fast rhythmical beat of the boy's heart. He tilted his head, pressing his ear to the boy's chest.

"What?" Joey asked as he reached up to touch the man's hair.

Braxton couldn't stop the first sob that escaped him, nor the others that followed. How many times he wished that he could have heard Wilber's heartbeat? His sobs continued when Joey held him closer, the boy's slender hands running though his hair.

"I'm sorry," Braxton said, but he didn't lift his head from the sound of the soothing beat in Joey's chest.

"It's okay," Joey said as he rubbed circles on Braxton's shoulders. "I was hoping that this wouldn't exactly be a one night stand."

"Sorry," Braxton said again as the tears continued to fall. He couldn't stop the overwhelming pain that hit him, and he cried in the boy's arms until he finally fell asleep.


"Arch?" Gunther said as he stepped into his lover's office.

"Hey, baby," Archer greeted, as he looked up and watched as Gunther crossed the office to slip into his lap. "I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd get some work done."

"It got lonely without you, and they're at it again," Gunther said as he snuggled into his lover's side. Archer grinned slightly; there wasn't much that could be said until they figured out what was wrong with Adir. He held the kid as Gunther drifted back to sleep.

Archer turned back to his work; he not only worried about Adir, but about Braxton as well. Their intelligence officer was spending less and less time at the center, but so far Braxton's work was still top notch. He had nothing to complain about other than thinking the man wasn't grieving over the loss of Wilber.

"Archer?" Mercer inquired from the doorway. Archer looked up and let a grin escape him as he watched Mercer's eyes going to Gunther. "Sorry, are we still keeping you guys up?"

"Yeah." Archer replied softly.

"I'm sorry," Mercer apologized again and dropped his eyes from Archer's.

"Don't worry about it; we're all worried about Adir." Archer said, nudging Gunther slightly making the kid mumble slightly. "Come on, Gunny, you have to get up."

"No," the kid grumbled as he snuggled back in.

"Have you seen Braxton? I needed those reports, and he's not in his room." Mercer asked as Gunther opened his eyes. "I tried his cell, no answer."

"I haven't seen him in two days," Archer replied as Gunther stood up.

"I saw him last night; he came in for a change of clothing." Gunther replied as he moved towards the door. Gunther paused in the doorway to look back at his lover and Mercer, "It only took about ten minutes, and then he was gone."

"Okay," Archer nodded as Gunther left the room. He picked up his phone to dial Braxton's phone again, but got the voicemail. He left a message before turning back to Mercer.

"I'll keep trying," Mercer said as he too left the room. He went back to his desk; he needed to get work done. It would help if he had the file, but he could work around it.


Braxton came awake slowly and realized that he was still lying against warm soft flesh. The boy's heartbeat still soothed him, and, shifting slightly, he heard the boy's gentle laugh. "Sorry."

"It's okay," Joey replied, "you got a name? I never did get to ask last night."

"Braxton." He replied as he snuggled against the boy's warm body.

"So tell me what happened," Joey pleaded, his hands continued to play in Braxton's short strawberry blond hair.

"My lover of almost a year crossed over three months ago," Braxton explained, "and the one person, who could have helped him stay, stood by and let the boy go."

"I'm sorry," Joey said as Braxton rose up, the man brought his lips to the boy's slowly kissing him. As the kiss deepened, Braxton heard his cell phone. Pulling back slightly, he was going to ignore it. "You know, that thing has been ringing nearly every fifteen minutes for the past two hours."

"Shit!" Braxton hissed pulling away from the boy. He answered his cell, his brow creasing as he listened to the other end. "It should be there, I dropped it off last night… no, I'll be there shortly… okay."

"Problems?" Joey asked from where he lay on the bed.

"Yeah, I have to go," Braxton said as he started to pull his boots back on. He pulled his shirt on before turning to the boy and reached out to snag the paper pad from beside the bed and a pen where he jotted his name and number down.

"You aren't married are you?" Joey asked with a nervous laugh.

"No, that was work," Braxton replied as he handed the paper to the boy. "If you want to get together again, maybe we could finish what we started last night."

"Okay," Joey answered. Braxton nodded as he moved to drop another kiss to pale pink lips before he turned and left the motel room. Crossing the street, he got into his car and turned it towards the center. As he drove, he went over all that he had experienced last night.

Joey was the first person he'd picked up in a bar that he hadn't fucked. But then again, Joey was the first person who held him. Of course the boy looked slightly like Wilber, but not enough to ever mistake one for the other. A small grin tugged at his lips as he pulled into the parking lot.

He entered the building to head down to the central area where he found Mercer working and moving some stuff around to find the file he had dropped on his desk last night among a pile of things that were done. Muttering an apology, he handed the file to Mercer and turned away.

"We missed you at the meeting last night," Mercer said as he looked up.

"I was busy, and I didn't know we were having a meeting last night," Braxton replied. He looked over as Adir entered the room, and with his mouth turned down he left the room again.

"He is still avoiding me," Adir said sadly as he watched the man leave the room.

"Yeah," Mercer said holding his arms out to pull Adir into them.


"What did you find out?" Clyde asked. He watched as Henry shook his head.

"That most of the team sticks pretty close to the building except, for Braxton Meinrad. Then again, he spends his time lately picking up flings in the bar," Henry replied as he looked up.

"Marie?" Clyde turned to the girl.

"They are not looking for any office help, or any other sort of help. There isn't a way into the building that I could find, at least not invited anyways." Marie said.

"So next plan of action, boys and girl?" Clyde muttered as he leaned back. He let his eyes scan the other three in the room. "Anyone?"

"Cut our losses, and thank the gods that's the CRDP didn't realize we were sniffing around them?" Mackenzie asked his tone bored.

"Not a chance, Mac, I'm not stopping until I have what I want," Clyde grinned at the other man.

"We're not even close to having the resources that they do; I don't know how you think you can manage to get this boy away from someone he loves." Henry looked at Mackenzie before he turned his attention to Clyde.

"Thinks he loves, the boy doesn't know what potential he has because this two bit hacker keeps his powers curbed," Clyde insisted.

"Have you ever thought there might be a reason for it?" Mackenzie asked softly.

"Why the hell would he? What ever could be his reason?" Clyde pondered.

"'Cause sometimes big bangs come in little packages," Marie muttered as she looked over at them. Mackenzie and Henry nodded as they watched Clyde.

"I want this boy, and I am damn well going to get him. I expect my team help with it too," Clyde said as he stood. He glared at them before he turned and stormed from the room. He entered his room to walk over to sit behind his desk, his eyes going to the small cloudy energy ball. He heard rhythmic pounding but couldn't quiet place it; it didn't have sex sounds.

"Shen, come on we have a case." Clyde frowned, that was the hacker's voice, the man who was supposed to love the boy oh so much. But then why the hell did he call his lover by his last name?

"But I need to shower, I am all stinky," Adir replied; Clyde couldn't help but smile at that.

"Then go take a quick one," Mercer said.

"Come join me?" Adir asked.

"If I did, kitten, it wouldn't be quick," Mercer replied, and Clyde heard the boy's soft laughter as heavier footsteps faded. "Come on, Shen, Arch wants us in the conference room in ten minutes."

Clyde listened to the boy in the shower; he leaned back a smile crossing his face. Soon he would have the privilege of helping the boy shower, and you could bet that he would never turn down the invitation. He frowned when the water made the sound all fuzzy and sighed. He really needed to have Mackenzie come look at it and see if the man could give it another power boost.


"Arch," Gunther moaned as his lover nipped along his neck. He placed his hands down on the counter of the training room and let the gun in his hand go, his mind blanking out as Archer's fangs scrapped his pulse point.

"God, you taste so good," Archer muttered against Gunther's neck. Gunther moaned as Archer nibbled his neck, the man's hands moved to wrap around his waist. Archer pulled the kid back against him and ground against the kid's ass to pull another moan from him.

"I need to clean these guns," Gunther said.

"Don't care, I really want you right now," Archer said as he sucked hard at Gunther's neck. Gunther tilted his head to allow Archer better access to his neck and forgot about cleaning guns. Turning in is lover's arms, he reached up to pull Archer's mouth to his.

Archer moved his hands down to cup the kid's ass so he could pull Gunther flush against him. He pulled back to see that Gunther's eyes were closed and his cheeks flush. He leaned down to lick along the kid's chin up to his ear.

"Not here, Arch, gotta go to the room," Gunther said as he pushed Archer back slightly.

"What?" Archer muttered as he moved to bury his face in Gunther's neck. "Room… yeah, bed… I can do that."

Archer pulled away and grabbed Gunther to pull the kid after him but stopped when his cell phone started to ring. With a curse, he pulled it from his pocket to look at it. "I have to take this."

Gunther nodded and turned back around to place his hands against the counter again. He took a deep breath as he listened to his lover on the phone. When Archer hung up, Gunther already knew that the man was going to have to go.

"I'm sorry, Gun," Archer said softly.

"It's okay," Gunther replied. He tilted into Archer's hand when his lover touched him.

"I'll be back as soon as I can," Archer said before he turned and left the room. Gunther dropped his head down and took another deep breath, trying to pull his libido under control again. Too many nights of work meant not enough energy left when all was said and done. Gunther hadn't had sex in nearly a week.

Gunther jumped when Adir landed in front of him; he met his best friend's blue-purple eyes. He was almost mesmerized by the look in them, "Such a shame, for Archer to leave you like that."

"Like what?" Gunther asked. His libido came back full force as his eyes dropped to Adir's mouth.

"All horny," Adir said as he leaned forward, "You smell very good, like sex."

"Shen…" Gunther started. He tried to pull back again, but it was like when he first got to the CRDP. He couldn't seem to pull himself away from the boy's eyes.

"Merc is busy too. We could play; would you like that, Gunny?" Adir asked as he moved to the very edge of the counter to press his body against his best friend.

"No," Gunther shook his head.

"Sure you would; your body screams out for release. You could find that release in me," Adir said as he pressed his lips against Gunther's. Gunther tried to shake his head in denial, but it seemed as if someone else was controlling him. He groaned as the kiss deepened, and he felt Adir's tongue in his mouth.

Gunther pulled back; he reached up to try and tug the boy's hands from the front of his shirt. But he was once again caught by the boy's eyes.

"You think about that, do you not?" Adir asked. "Of being buried in the tight heat of another's body. I'll bet Archer had never offered that to you."

"Shen, stop…" Gunther asked as tears came to his eyes.

"You do not really want me to stop," Adir replied leaning forward to lick at Gunther's lips. He glanced up when he saw Archer appear in the doorway. The man looked pissed, and smiling, Adir turned his attention back to Gunther. "Besides, maybe Archer would like to join us?"

"No," Gunther said as a tear slipped down his cheek.

"Just think of it; you buried deep inside me," Adir whispered as he sucked on Gunther's ear, "and him buried in you. Just think of the pleasure you could find."

Gunther shook his head again; his body stiffened slightly when he felt Archer press against his back. Adir grinned as he reached up to touch his guardian's cheek. Archer bared his fangs, growling deeply at the boy.

"Want to tell me what the fuck is going on?" Mercer asked, having come in behind Archer.

"You did not want to play with me, so I asked my Gunny," Adir said, his eyes tracking Mercer as the man moved deeper into the room.

"If I recall, Shen, I played with you several times this morning," Mercer said as he stopped behind his lover.

"But you told me to amuse myself a little while ago," Adir said, not moving from where he was, touching Archer and Gunther.

"Yes, and I meant for you to go play with your virtual pets, not to try and get your best friend to fuck you," Mercer contested as he reached out and grabbed his lover by the hair at the back of his head. He pulled the boy's hair to draw a yelp from Adir.

Mercer pulled the boy back towards him by his hair; he could see that tears were still falling down Gunther's cheeks. Could, also see that Archer was ready to rip Adir apart for touching his mate. Mercer kept one hand in Adir's hair while he wrapped his free arm around Adir's waist.

As he pulled his lover against his chest, his eyes met Gunther's, and he could see the hurt and pain in the kid's eyes. He tugged harder on Adir's hair than he really needed to, but he was pissed about what was happening. "Don't worry, I'll take care of this and make sure he gets punished accordingly."

Mercer lifted the boy from the counter and headed out of the room. Whenever Adir would start to speak, Mercer would give the boy a good shake. The only reason Mercer wasn't headed out of town was because he knew something was wrong with Adir, and he loved the boy. He also knew that Adir loved him, and the boy wouldn't have normally gone about trying to seduce his friend.

He kicked the door to their room open before he nudged it closed with his hip. Mercer dropped Adir to the bed; he saw the boy grin up at him. Mercer paced in front of the bed because he was so angry. After all, it was one thing to seduce your best friend, and another to force them.

"How could you?" Mercer asked.

"He smelled good," Adir replied shrugging one slender shoulder.

"Because, he smelled good?!" Mercer yelled; he could see the boy jerk back slightly.

"He smelled like sex, and his mind just screamed out that he was horny," Adir replied as a grin tried to pull his lips. Mercer watched the boy; he couldn't believe what was coming out of Adir's mouth. "Merc, please, now that we are alone, come play with me."

"You just tried to convince your best friend to fuck you; there is no way that I will at this point," Mercer yelled again. "Right now I want to beat you for what you did. I want to cause you the pain you just caused me."

"But Merc," Adir whispered as tears came to his eyes.

"Aimi?" Mercer said, he never took his eyes from Adir.

"Yes, sir?" Aimi replied softly.

"Push the electrical levels to high, and drop the field over the fish tank," Mercer said, he saw Adir's eyes widen.

"Merc no…please no." Adir pleaded as he moved towards his lover.

"I want you to think about what you did; I'll be back later," Mercer said as he headed towards the door. He paused just before going out; he turned back to his lover. "Aimi do not let anyone in this door or anyone out until I come back."

"Yes, sir." Aimi said as Mercer slipped out the door. He heard Adir's yell from inside and paused, but he didn't go back. His lover needed to learn certain things, and one of them was that you don't use your powers to force sexual acts onto your best friend.


Mercer leaned back in his chair as he watched his laptop computer monitor. He watched as Adir paced back and forth, the boy's agitation easy to see. He had been forced to turn off the sound because the boy had yelled himself hoarse. He knew it was mean for the simple fact that Adir couldn't feel anyone outside of the room but the boy needed to think about what he did.

"You okay?" Archer asked from behind Mercer.

"Fine, how's Gunther?" Mercer asked, but he didn't look away from the screen.

"He's upset still but understanding that something is wrong with the boy," Archer said as he moved to sit down beside the man. "How long has he been like that?"

"Couple hours," Mercer replied as he glanced at the desktop monitor to see that his program had finished. He turned back when Archer hissed slightly, "What?"

"The fish tank keeps flashing," Archer said as he frowned.

"Yeah, Adir's powers are trying to find a way out; they feel closed in when the room is like that," Mercer said as he watched the boy again.

"How long do you plan on leaving him like that?" Archer asked.

"Until I know I can face him without this deep seeded anger," Mercer said as the fish tank flashed again and Adir screamed. While he couldn't hear it, he felt the pain that radiated from it.

"Come on Merc, you can't leave him like that," Archer said softly as he watched Adir crawl onto the bed where the boy started to sob.

"He'll be fine," Mercer said as he turned back to his program.

"That's cruel, Mercer." Archer said.

"No, what's cruel is him trying to force Gunther into a sexual act the kid didn't want," Mercer argued, not even looking at his boss. Archer shook his head before he finally got up and walked away. He couldn't stand knowing that two of his people hurt and there was nothing he could do. At least with Gunther he had been able to hold the boy.

Mercer glanced over when Archer walked away. He turned his attention back to his laptop screen, and with a frown, he reached over to turn the sound back on. He could hear the low sobs still coming from the boy, and shifting, he punched a code into the laptop watching as the boy's vitals crossed the screen.

Closing the laptop he stood and stretched before he turned to head to his room. He paused when he saw Gunther standing in front of the door. "He stopped screaming; I got worried."

"He's crying on the bed, he's fine," Mercer replied as Gunther nodded. He watched as the kid walked away before turning to the door. "Aimi, open the door."

Mercer entered the room; his eyes fell onto the boy. Adir curled deeper into himself when he heard someone enter the room. He crossed the room to set his laptop onto the desk before he turned once again to Adir. Mercer sat down on the bed to reach out to push the hair back from Adir's face. He was met with a red, sweaty face and red, swollen eyes.

He reached out to draw the boy into his arms; he slowly pulled Adir into his lap to hold the boy close. He cuddled Adir as the boy sobbed against his shoulder. It was a while later when Adir finally pulled away to sniffle before wiping snot onto his shirt sleeve.

"Shen," Mercer shook his head before he scooted off the bed with Adir in his arms. He set the boy down as he started to strip Adir's clothing off. It didn't take long before he had them both in the shower, the warm water soothing the boy even further. Mercer ended up holding the boy up as he washed Adir's hair and body.

Mercer pulled them out of the shower and wrapped a towel around Adir, before he pulled one around himself. He walked back into the bedroom where he set Adir onto the bed. He dried and brushed the boy's hair. He then made sure that the boy's body was dry, too.

"Merc…" Adir whispered as he held his arms out to his lover. Mercer wrapped his arms around the boy, pulling Adir close to his side. "I am sorry; I did not mean to go that far."

"I know; it's whatever is wrong with you." Mercer replied.

"You have to help me; you have to fix it." Adir said sniffing slightly.

"You know I will, baby." Mercer said as he sat up to pull a naked, warm Adir into his lap.


Clyde continued to pace his room, he was beyond angry. How dare that man leave Adir in such a state? And then the man came back, and does he apologize? No, instead he takes the boy to the shower and then decides to fuck him. The man shouldn't be allowed to treat the boy like that. Besides, all Adir did was exert his sexual need to his best friend. Who would have realized that the boy could use his powers that way?

He had actually been looking forward to the three way fuck, until that damn computer hacker had broken it up. Only to leave poor Adir alone and locked in that room. How could anyone who loved someone leave that loved one in a room alone like that to cry?

He turned back to the ball of energy when he heard Adir's low groan. He had stripped of his clothing when Adir was watching Archer and Gunther, and when the hacker had locked the boy in his room, Clyde had only pulled on a robe. He could feel his body react to the boy's low moans and groans.

Clyde dropped to his bed; he let his hand trail down his body as he closed his eyes. Letting his hand wrap around his erection, he grinned as he listened to his soon to be lover. He turned his eyes to the door when he heard a knock, and Mackenzie entered his room. He watched as the man simply raised an eyebrow at him before crossing the room to the ball of energy.

"Mac?" Clyde asked softly.

"You wanted me to give this a power boost; that's what I'm here to do." Mackenzie replied as he grinned over his shoulder at the man. He turned back to the ball, and reaching out, he laid his hands on it slowly pulling until the ball was more of a square then a circle. He closed his eyes to concentrate hard, and it took a few seconds, but suddenly a picture popped up. "There, now you can watch him fuck his kitten."

Clyde watched the screen, watching as the hacker wrapped arms around the boy's slender body to help Adir move up and down. He loved the fact that Adir had his back to Mercer's chest, so he had a great view of the boy's body. He watched as Adir tilted his head to lay it against the hacker's shoulder.

"It's alright, baby, come inside." Clyde heard the hacker whisper, making Adir moan again.

"Merc…" Adir whimpered.

"God," Mackenzie said as he dropped down onto the bed, "those two never seem to do anything else in that room but fuck."

"Well it hasn't helped that I've up-ed Adir's sexual drive by nearly 85," Clyde said as he leaned toward Mackenzie. He reached out to let his fingers trail up the man's inseam.

"What are you doing, Clyde?" Mackenzie asked as his cock twitched with Clyde's hand getting closer to it.

"I feel like sucking, and here you are," Clyde said with a grin. The man pulled on Mackenzie's pants button and then his zipper. Mackenzie grinned before he pulled away, and with a smile started to pull his clothing from his body. He watched Clyde as the man split his attention between him and the men on the screen.

Mackenzie crawled back onto the bed, his eyes scanning over his boss' exposed body. He leaned back as Clyde came towards him. His eyes closed when his boss' hand gripped around his erection, and the man's hot, wet mouth covered the head. A groan escaped him as Clyde put his skills to work, and Mackenzie knew that he wouldn't last long with the man's mouth on his cock.

"Hey Mac?" Henry said coming into the room. The young pyro stopped just inside the room as he scanned the scene. He went to turn to leave the room when Mackenzie's voice stopped him.

"Don't leave yet, Henry," Mackenzie said softly as he pulled away from his boss. He walked toward the teen, his eyes never leaving Henry's face. He walked until he stood behind the kid, his arms slipping around Henry's waist. He turned until the kid had a view of the screen he had made. "Look at that, and tell me that doesn't make you think of anything?"

"Not really," Henry said, but he couldn't take his eyes from it.

"I can feel it, Hen, feel the desire that is running through you now that you've seen those two in action," Mackenzie said softly, "I can feel it every time you come near me."

"Mac…" Henry trailed off as Mackenzie pulled at his shirt. Henry couldn't get his thoughts in order, in fact he felt slightly drunk. He didn't protest as his best friend pulled the clothing from his body, nor did he even protest as he felt Mackenzie's naked body pressed to the back of his.

Clyde couldn't help but be drawn by the two men. Henry was a real beauty, dark brown soft curly hair, with a pair of honey brown eyes. The teen had a slight Cajun accent, one that he tried hard to hide. He got up and headed towards the pair, his eyes never leaving Henry's mouth. Mackenzie couldn't take his eyes from his boss; the intense look in Clyde's eyes was making him harder.

"I want you, Henry," Mackenzie whispered as he kissed the back of the boy's neck. He let his hands find Henry's hips to pull the boy tighter back against him. "I want to feel your body around mine, as I give you the best pleasure of your life."

"Mac…" Henry tried his voice again, but found that as Mackenzie's hand went to his cock, all thoughts fled again. A groan escaped him when he felt strong fingers on his nipple rolling it into a hard peak.

"Look at him, Hen, look at how hard Clyde is just by watching you," Mackenzie said softly into the teenager's ear. "He wants you to suck him; can you do that while I fuck you nearly unconscious?"

Henry let out a small cry as he felt fingers slide into the crack of his ass. As warm fingers found his opening to rub over it, he let his head fall back onto Mackenzie's shoulder. Strong hands held him up as Mackenzie shifted to start kissing his way down Henry's spine. Henry opened eyes he hadn't realized that he had closed and was met with his boss' pale golden eyes.

Clyde grinned at the look in the teenager's eyes. He let his eyes drop to Henry's mouth, a smile finding his lips as he thought about that mouth being wrapped around his cock. When Henry cried out and grabbed onto his shoulders, Clyde pulled the boy slightly forward, knowing that Mackenzie was preparing the boy for things to come.

Mackenzie watched as his saliva-coated finger disappeared inside of the boy's opening. As the tight muscles gripped the digit, he let out a low moan at the thought of his cock being in the tight gripping heat. He leaned to lick across Henry's hip; as the boy jerked, he reached up to grip the boy's other hip.

"Mac…." Henry groaned as he felt another finger join the first one inside of him.

"Gotta be patient, baby, wouldn't want to hurt you," Mackenzie whispered softly into Henry's ear. He let his free slide up to rub over Henry's pebbled nipple. He saw Clyde was slowly stroking Henry's erection as the teenage pyro started to shake.

"He's ready, Mackenzie." Clyde said looking between the two. He smiled as he slowly led them towards the bed, knowing, by the way Henry was moving, that Mackenzie hadn't taken his fingers out of the kid's ass. He moved to sit against his headboard to watch as Mackenzie positioned the kid on bed.

"Henry," Mackenzie started as he took the lube that Clyde was holding out. He coated his two fingers before pushing them into the kid's opening again. "I'm going to fuck you, and while I'm doing that, you're going to suck Clyde because he's always wanted to see your mouth wrapped around his cock, okay?"

Henry nodded as he leaned, his face inches above his boss' cock as he felt something blunt push against his opening. He squeezed his eyes shut as slight pain ran through him as he felt Mackenzie's cock head breach the tight ring of muscles.

"It's okay, baby," Mackenzie whispered, moving his hand to play with Henry's cock, his eyes going to his boss as Clyde slowly ran fingers through the kid's hair.

Henry closed his eyes again pulling in a huge lungful of air. He could smell Clyde's arousal, and as Mackenzie continued to push into him, he felt the need to be occupied. He licked up Clyde's hard erection before completely engulfing the organ. Clyde jumped slightly, a yelp escaping him as hot wetness incased him. He looked up to see Mackenzie was smirking at him.

Clyde turned his attention to the energy square across the room; he watched as the two on the screen writhed against each other. He had been surprised when the hacker had let Adir enter his mind. He figured that the last thing the hacker would let the boy do was traipse over his mind with his powers.

Mackenzie watched as his erection disappeared into his best friend's body. He had dreamed of this day for years but never thought he would have the chance. Once fully incased in Henry, Mackenzie bent over the kid's body to lick along his shoulder. He started to thrust, pulling wonderful moans from the teenager, which in turn was pulling moans from Clyde.

It didn't take long for Mackenzie to reach his peak, and, with deft fingers, he brought Henry with him. The two climaxed seconds after the two on the screen. Clyde, whose powers were wide open, was caught by four orgasms, and he found himself nearly blacking out as his ripped through his body. He lay panting as he watched Mackenzie cleaning his cum from Henry's face.

"That was fucking incredible," Clyde said with a grin.

"I can't believe you did that, Mac," Henry said softly tears coming to his eyes. Before Mackenzie could reply, Henry grabbed his clothing and bolted from the room. Mackenzie shook his head as he picked up his clothing. All he wanted to do was shower and then hopefully find Henry.

"He'll get over it Mackenzie." Clyde said as the man left his room. He turned back to the energy, hoping to watch more of his lovely psychic only to find that the ball was back. It would seem since Mackenzie was upset, it sucked whatever boast the man had given back.


Mercer frowned at the paperwork that Casimir had pushed across the table to him. With a shake of his head he looked up at the man across from him. "This can't be right."

"That's what I thought, but I checked it twice," Casimir replied with a shrug.

"But we got that truck; we freed those kids," Mercer shook his head as he looked back over the paperwork. After staring at it for several minutes, he finally stood. "Hang on, I'll be right back."

Casimir nodded as Mercer exited the room. He turned his attention back to the paperwork that littered the table where they were working. It was strange; they were all sure when they followed that guy out of the bar that they had the one and only shipment of children. But the last report said that half of what was wanted was delivered, which meant they had fifteen children.

He looked over when the door opened, figuring Mercer was back but watched as Adir popped his head in, "I am looking for Merc."

"He went to get files, I think," Casimir answered as he turned back to the paperwork. He did look up when the door closed, and he watched Adir cross the room. "Something else you need, kid?"

"What are you working on?" Adir asked softly as he moved to the end of the table.

"That child kidnapping ring," Casimir started, but he looked up at the boy. "Hey, did you get anything else from that man?"

"No, other than the one van and of course his wondering if I was a beggar or a screamer," Adir said softly. He saw Casimir look up at him.

"He was sick, but don't worry. We had him arrested," Casimir replied with his eyes still on the boy.

"Does it bother you?" Adir asked.

"Does what bother me?" Casimir asked as he turned back to work. He and Mercer had a ton of paperwork to get through before the end of the day.

"All the love around you; Mercer and me, Archer and Gunther, the girls," Adir asked leaning towards the man slightly.

"Don't bother me," Casimir started startled as to how close Adir was to him. "Shen?"

"It does bother you; I can feel it," Adir said, moving closer to the man. Adir watched as Casimir scrambled out of his chair, the man's face angry.

"Whatever the fuck you're thinking of doing, don't," Casimir hissed as he watched the boy.

"I was not thinking anything," Adir replied with a grin. "Do you ever wonder, if I am a screamer?"

"We already know you're a screamer kid," Casimir looked at Adir, letting his eyes scan the boy. He frowned when he realized that the boy was dressed in all white; white jeans, white shoes and a white sleeveless hooded shirt. "Shen, I mean it; don't do this."

"I am not doing anything, Casimir," The boy said, nearly purring the man's name.

"Shen…" Casimir warned, he clinched his teeth as he felt the boy's powers smack against his mind. He also knew that Adir did it on purpose. Since the boy could enter his mind without him knowing, whatever Adir was up to, he wanted Casimir to know. Casimir shifted back, only to trip over a chair and land on his back. He looked up to watch as Adir dropped to his hands and knees.

"Come on now, will it not be fun?" Adir asked as he crawled towards the man.

"Adir, Mercer didn't react very well the last time you did shit like this, what makes you think he'll react any better to this?" Casimir asked with the hope of defusing the situation.

"Merc is not here," Adir grinned moving over the man. He reached out to touch the man, his smile fading slightly as the door opened.

"God damn it, Shen," Mercer hissed as he crossed the room to grab the boy by the ponytail. "It hasn't even been twelve hours since the last time you pulled this shit."

"But Merc," Adir started, turning big purple blue eyes to his lover, "I just wanted him to loosen up some."

"I could feel your powers, Shen; I know exactly what you were planning on doing," Mercer said as he watched Adir's eyes fill with tears. "Don't cry on me damn it; I am trying to help you."

"But it hurts…" Adir whimpered softly.

"You're supposed to go to our room when it gets like this," Mercer replied, pulling the boy into his arms. "You have to remember that."

"I am sorry, my love." Adir muttered as he wrapped his arms around his lover. After a few minutes, Mercer returned to work with Casimir. But only after he had given Adir something to do to keep the boy's mind occupied.


"Henry?" Mackenzie said softly.

"Go away Mac," Henry hissed without turning to look at him. "I'm still not talking to you."

"I didn't do anything wrong, Henry." Mackenzie replied.

"You!" Henry screamed turning towards the man. "You fucked me Mackenzie! You took advantage of me; you forced feelings onto me!"

"I did not!" Mackenzie yelled back, "I can't force feelings, Henry; you know that I can only magnify what's already there and manipulate desires to higher levels."

"I didn't want to have sex with a guy! Nor did I want to blow my boss!" Henry screamed; the roast he had been preparing for dinner burst into flames, which caused the kid to burst into tears.

"Henry," Mackenzie started as he placed the cover to the roasting pan over the flaming roast before he pulled the crying teen into his arms.

"You don't get it," Henry started quietly, "I fight these feeling, and it works, but you have to go ahead a fuck them up. Why can't you just let me date the girls I want?"

"Why lie to yourself?" Mackenzie asked, holding his friend tighter, "I love you Henry; I have since the first time I laid eyes on you. That's why I couldn't let Lilith destroy you like she wanted to."

"We won't work Mac, not with everything that has happened," Henry said, pulling away. Lilith was still a very sore subject with the teen. He went back to making dinner, not caring if Mackenzie stayed or left. He had learned to tune the man out over the years.

Mackenzie watched his friend; at least he hoped that Henry was still his friend. When the teen went back to fixing the nearly ruined meal, he couldn't help but watch the way he moved. Henry had been with him for the last three years. He could still remember when Lilith had brought home the skinny fifteen-year-old boy. He could also remember Lilith's face when he had betrayed her in favor of Henry.

"Mackenzie?" Clyde said as he watched the man turn to him. He also noticed the way Henry's back stiffened at the sound of his voice.

"What?" Mackenzie replied with a sigh.

"I will need your help later tonight; I'm tired of playing in the background. Tonight I'll have my sweet little psychic here," Clyde replied, looking between Mackenzie and Henry's backs.

"Alright," Mackenzie replied as his eyes went back to Henry. Clyde watched the two for a few more minutes before he finally shook his head and left. He walked down the hallway, pausing when Marie popped out of the living room.

"Hey," she started, watching him. Clyde raised an eyebrow as he watched the girl fidgeting for several seconds. "So if the psychic is coming tonight, does that mean the others might?"

"I don't know," Clyde replied, "but I doubt it since I don't plan on telling the CRDP where we are."

"Oh," she replied. Clyde waited a few more minutes before he shook his head and turned away. He didn't have time for this; he had to prepare for his soon to be lover.


Adir tilted his head slightly as he looked up at the broken-down house. He wasn't sure what he was doing here, but something was pulling him to this place. He pulled his jacket tighter around himself as he moved up the stairs. He didn't know what he'd find inside, but he was already unhappy about being out of bed. He tossed the doors open, not caring that he made a good amount of ruckus as he entered the house.

"Well, hello, Love," A man said. Adir stopped his eyes and locked them onto the blond man.

"I am not your love," Adir replied with a small frown.

"You will be," The blond said smiling. "I know you'll love me."

"I love my Merc," Adir said, as he let his eyes scan the others in the room. He scanned each one of them with his powers before turning back to the blond.

"You don't love the fucking hacker; he's holding you back," Clyde hissed. Adir tilted his head as he watched the man. He knew the blond was also a psychic and could feel the man was manipulating him some way.

"My Merc is not just a hacker, Clyde; you know that." Adir said as he moved closer to the people. He saw several of them look surprised, but he kept most of his attention on Clyde.

"He's second rate, baby, he doesn't deserve you," Clyde said. He watched as Adir approached, the boy's steps were sure and almost cat-like.

"He is far from second rate; he is the only thing that keeps my sanity," Adir said; he stopped in front of Mackenzie his eyes scanning the tall man.

"So he says; he also keeps your powers boxed. He doesn't let you experience what you can do with them," Clyde said, pulling the boy's attention back to him. "I can, I can show you a love like you never experienced while showing you the full potential of what you can do."

Adir scanned the man, his eyes narrowing as he watched Clyde. He now understood the small feelings he felt in the back of his mind that this man was trying to make him turn away from his lover and friends. "He keeps me from hurting those I love, and he keeps me from ripping apart the minds of people I come in contact with."

"You and I could rule the world." Clyde said.

Adir couldn't help but laugh. "I would not want to rule the world with, you."

"Come here!" Clyde hissed; he saw pain flash over the boy's face but also knew that Adir really couldn't fight against him.

Adir approached the man, his bowed mouth turned down, "You can manipulate my body, and even my reactions, but you will never find a way to manipulate my mind."

"You will be mine!" Clyde hissed, reaching out to grab the boy. Adir let out a scream as pain and terror ripped through his mind.

"Fuck, Clyde; let the boy go!" Mackenzie yelled over Adir's agonizing screams.

"He's fine," Clyde said as he moved to get a better hold of the boy. He was surprised when Adir jerked, and the boy pushed out of his arms.

"Touch me again, and I will make your brain leak out of your fucking head," Adir hissed, wiping blood from his nose with his jacket sleeve.

"Listen to me," Clyde said; he moved towards Adir again. "You will not scream when I touch you again. You don't scream when that fucking hacker touches you."

"Because Mercer does not cause pain," Adir said, wiping his nose again, "Mercer's touch soothes me; good thing he is almost here, huh?"

"Not possible," Clyde stated as he watched Adir pull himself to his feet. The small five foot psychic looked pissed, and for a moment, he was worried.

"Tracking device," Adir replied tilting his head back. Clyde looked at the boy, seeing the black leather collar around the boy's slender neck.

"He keeps you like a pet," Clyde hissed. He moved towards the boy, his eyes angry.

"Yes, his little kitten, but you already knew that, right?" Adir asked as he stepped out of the man's path. "I suspect that you know more than you should."

"I have to know everything about you; it's my right as your lover to know all about you." Clyde said, moving once again towards the boy.

"You are not my lover and will never be my lover," Adir replied. He shifted, moving again as he watched the man.

"I can do so many things for you," Clyde said as he saw Adir's eyes cloud over slightly as the boy watched him. He needed to have Mackenzie touch him so he could boast his powers.

"Tick tock," Adir said as he moved between Clyde and Mackenzie.

"You don't know what you're playing with," Clyde said.

"I am a cat; you are a mouse," Adir said softly, "Tick tock, Clyde My Mercer is almost here. What do you think he is going to do when he finds your door open?"

"Shut up," Clyde hissed; he saw how his team moved away from the boy.

"Tick tock, my Merc is getting closer," Adir whispered as he moved towards the man. "He will not take kindly to you taking what is his."

"Your hacker doesn't scare me." Clyde said.

"As I look out into the darkening night, I fear not what I cannot see. As I look out into the darkening night, I fear not what I can not hear, as I look out into the darken night, I fear not when I can not touch," Adir shrugged as he grinned at the man, "Tick tock, Clyde; your time is running out."

"You don't scare me, little boy," Clyde said as he stopped to cross his arms over his chest.

"Would you like to play a game?" Adir asked as he licked his dry lips. His blue purple eyes were clear again as he watched the man. He saw Clyde smile and couldn't help the sadistic smile that crossed his own face.

"I plan on playing with you a lot," Clyde said as he felt that he had the upper hand again.

"It is a simple game; you figure out a way to keep the CRDP out of here, and you win. They find a way in, and I get to rip your brain out of your head through your nose," Adir said as he folded his hands behind his back and rocked on his heels.

"This location is secure," Clyde said, his eyes widening slightly as Adir held something out to him. He reached out to snatch the crystal from the boy's hand before he turned, "Mackenzie, keep an eye on the boy; I'll be right back."

"But…" Mackenzie trailed off; he didn't want to be left with the creepy kid. And there was the fact that Adir had found one of the stones and had removed it. Adir turned to the other three people in the room. He could see they looked a little freaked because of him. With a smile, he made his way towards a chair.

"Clyde will kill your hacker," Marie said, suddenly feeling brave.

"Clyde will be lucky if his sanity is still there by the end of the night," Adir said as he turned sideways so he was sitting with his legs over the edge of the chair and his head on the other arm.

"He's worked very hard on getting you here," Mackenzie said. He watched as Adir turned to look at him slightly. "I'm not sure what he sees in you."

"Apparently he can not rule the world alone, and I am to be his queen," Adir said with a smile.

"You're fucking freaky," Henry hissed from where he was standing slightly behind Mackenzie.

"I have no plan on staying here; I have no plan on being his anything," Adir shuttered slightly, "I plan on watching my Merc kick his ass, and then I plan on making him fix whatever he screwed up with me."

"He's up-ed your sexual drive, and made it so you are attracted to just about any guy," Marie said, her grin was huge.

"He can not do the same thing to my Merc, besides my Merc would not want you, even with all the mind control in the world which I do not plan to rule with Clyde." Adir replied.

"You don't know everything," Marie hissed, tears in her eyes.

"I know my Merc does not like woman, no matter how skanky they are," Adir replied; his eyes went to the doorway as Clyde hurried back in. Adir's eyebrow rose as he watched the man come towards him. A yelp escaped him as Clyde reached out and pulled him up by his hair. The man turned in time to watch Mercer, Casimir, Gunther and Archer enter the room.

"Take your god damned hands off him!" Mercer hissed.

"He's mine," Clyde hissed glaring at him. He watched the people a minute before shaking Adir, "Tell him you love me."

"I love my Merc," Adir answered softly.

"You love me!" Clyde yelled as he shook the boy.

"I love Merc," Adir said again as his eyes locked with his lover's. Clyde let out a scream as he plunged the needle into Adir's thigh.

"There, you can have him now!" Clyde hissed, pushing the boy towards the group. Adir stumbled forward into Mercer's arms. His eyes were wide as he felt whatever drug Clyde had given him run through his blood.

"Merc," Adir whispered.

"It's okay, baby," Mercer said, as he moved to place the boy into Casimir's arms. He turned towards Clyde, seeing the man concentrating vary hard. "Psychic powers don't work on me."

Mercer didn't give the man a chance to answer as he attacked. While Clyde may have had a couple inches on him, Mercer had much more skill. Plus he had his anger to fuel him, and he wasn't going to let this man get away with what he had done.

"I wouldn't," Gunther said as Henry stepped towards the two.

"Don't make me hurt you." Henry said as he held up one hand. He lit a small fire, his eyes on the teenager across from him. He figured that the other had to be about the same age as him.

"Like that scares me?" Gunther said as he extinguished the fire. He saw the surprised look on the other teen's face and smiled.

"I wouldn't," Archer started as he let his fang show.

"I don't have a fight with you," Mackenzie said as he pushed Henry behind him. His eyes kept going to Adir where the boy laid still and quiet in Casimir's arms.

"Then stand down," Archer said. Mackenzie nodded, keeping an arm around Henry's shoulders.

"Arch?" Casimir said, his eyes worried as they looked at Adir's face. Archer turned; he saw the look on Casimir's face and moved towards them. He looked over the small boy, and he reached out to gently touch him.

"It's fatal," Mackenzie said softly.

"Merc!" Archer yelled as he looked up to see his computers expert still kicking the shit out of Clyde.

"Clyde is the only one with the antidote," Mackenzie said, his eyes also following Archer's.

"Mercer! Damn it; stop it now!" Archer yelled as Casimir moved to lay the boy flat against the ground. Archer moved to kneel down beside the boy; he reached out to gently touch the kid. "Damn it, Mercer; now!"

Mercer paused at the urgency he heard in his boss' voice. He dropped the blond man to the floor before rushing to his lover's side. "What the hell?"

"Clyde gave him a poison," Mackenzie said softly. He looked behind him to look over Clyde's prostrate body lying on the floor. "He's the only one with an antidote."

"I don't think he'll be helping," Casimir said. They turned when they heard a scream and watched as Marie bolted towards Mercer. The hacker caught her, holding her out as she tried to swipe at his face with her nails. Mercer hissed as he pushed her away, he watched as she stumbled, and Casimir grabbed the woman.

"Shen, kitten?" Mercer touched his lover's face to see blue purple eyes slowly open.

"Hurts, Merc." Adir stared as tears slipped down his face.

"I know, baby, but it's okay because I'll make it better," Mercer said as he pulled his lover into his arms. He leaned slightly over Adir, knowing that once again because of some wacko, who didn't know to keep hands off.

"I can help," Mackenzie said. The group looked at him, and he turned to Gunther. "You're a healer, right?"

"I can heal myself; that's it," Gunther said.

"And you can blow things up, which means you can heal, too," Mackenzie said as he moved towards the teenager. He paused when Archer growled low in his throat and held up his hands.

"I can boast his powers enough that he should be able to heal the boy; please let me try," Mackenzie said as he looked at the group.

"Let him try," Mercer said. Archer nodded; he watched closely as Mackenzie took Gunther's hands and moved them to lie on Adir's thigh. He then reached up to lay his hands against the side of Gunther's head. The two closed their eyes, concentrating hard.


"How is he?" Archer asked Jacy.

"He's resting, and it would seem his body is back to normal, too," Jacy replied softly.

"Then the bonding mark is gone?" Archer inquired.

"All the scars on Gunther's body are gone," Jacy said. They moved towards the infirmary, and Archer couldn't help but let his eyes run over Adir as they entered.

"And Adir?" Archer asked.

"He's fine still as well, Arch; both boys are resting peacefully," Jacy said as she continued to her office. Archer watched her go before he turned back to the boys. He crossed the small room to sit beside his lover's bed; he reached out to touch Gunther's hand.

"Hey," Gunther said groggily as he licked at dry lips. "Man, am I tired."

"They're gone," Archer stated.

"What is?" Gunther hissed as he glanced over to make sure Adir was still in the other bed.

"Your scars, the bonding bite; it's all healed," Archer said as he watched relief flood the teen's face.

"Fuck, you scared me, Arch," Gunther started, settling back down into the covers. He didn't notice the sad look on his mate's face. "I could care less about the scars, but you can bite me again to fix that."

"What?" Archer asked, not sure he heard right.

"Bite me again, you can do that right?" Gunther asked as he glanced at his lover. Archer could only nod, he felt relief flood him as Gunther's eyes drifted shut. "Tired, need to sleep."

"Okay," Archer said as he sat and watched the kid for several more minutes. Once he was sure that Gunther was sleeping, he stood. He walked down to where the cells were and paused to see Braxton was standing outside the door.

"Hey, how are the kids?" Braxton asked.

"Both of them are fine," Archer replied as he moved through the door. He glanced at the cells; in the first one was Marie, the second was Mackenzie and Henry, and inside the last, Clyde lay in a bed.

"How's the little boy?" Mackenzie asked.

"Adir is fine," Archer said without pausing as he crossed over to where Mercer sat. "How's Clyde?"

"Most likely damaged," Mercer shrugged, not really caring.

"Military should be here soon," Archer said, "and they plan on taking Marie and Clyde only."

"What about the other two?" Mercer asked.

"They are leaving Mackenzie and Henry in the custody of the Center for right now," Archer looked over at his friend. He could see that Mercer didn't look all that thrilled about it. But then again, it was Mackenzie and Henry who had helped them.

"For how long?" Mercer asked as he stood.

"Until they can set up another center in England," Archer said as he turned when Casimir escorted four military men into the holding cell area. Mercer sat by and watched as the military took the two. While he said he'd never willingly give them someone 'special,' he couldn't find enough to give a shit about Clyde and Marie.

"Merc?" Casimir said.

"Hum?" Mercer muttered, not really paying attention.

"Shen is asking for you; he said he's starving and that you promised to take him out tonight," Casimir said as a smile came to Mercer's face. With a nod, Mercer left the holding cell. He had a promise to keep, one that he was glad he got a chance to keep.

End Case Doppelgangers.