Listen Stranger!
Cast your gaze
To the peasant woman
In the center of the cobbled square.
Hunched against the wind
Pulling tight the threadbare shawls
Around a slight frame.

Never moving
As people rush
Past the one they will not see.

The wind is bitter
The pale moon wanes
An old shawl appears
To grace the cobblestones.

Steps faltering
The woman walks--
As still as marble

Silently crying out to all
Who won't hear--
The only reply
A shrouded white city
As night grows thickly

The woman stills
Her silent call
In a realization
Of the stagnant pool
Of ignorance
Surrounding all.

The wind blows--
Would chill to the bone--
Felt the peasant woman.

A whisper never heard
Save for what can be glimpsed
When you cast your gaze
To the center of the cobbled square

Where standing hunched
In silent appeal--
A statue.
Softly beckoning to those
Who won't see
Passing by on either side

Beating the rhythm
Of a broken clock
Held by the Stranger
Of another time--
Colors running
Details smudging
The Stranger proud and tall

Standing next to a peasant woman
Hunched against the wind
Crying out silently
Beckoning softly
To those who won't hear.

A Painting--
Colors dimmed
Time's memory
Gently tarnishing Silver.

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Giver of Roses