This heat plasters and weighs me.

I wish the verdict would come in.

Your innocence scares me,

your touch controls me.

You said I'm everything you want to be.

But I only wish everyone was a little more like you,



and so damned optimistic

(It almost makes me sick).

I wish I knew the charms to make it all go away

Make it just me and you.

No diseases or miles.

So lost in words, I never know what to say.

I feel meaningless without you.

You never asked anything of me.

You blushed when you said what was really on your mind,

And you laughed to make the sadness seem faint.

I would take you away.

I would take it all away.

But in the end, I broke my promise

I couldn't steal you away.

Because so many others needed to hear you say:

I'll never go away