---Prologue: Histories---

More than 500 years ago a young man became possessed by an ancient evil, Ahgra. One day Ahgra fell in love with a women of light, Milinigh-se. Determined to win her over Ahgra pretended to be a human but, wise Milinigh-se saw through Ahgra's masqurade of innocence and tricked him into giving her half of his power, which she destroyed. Ahgra, broken hearted, fled into a volcano and surrounded himself with people, called the Zenypi, who were gifted in swordery, archery and other war arts. Everybody was exceptionally talented in their field or fields and Ahgra's pressence infused them with bitterness. They adopted black as their signature colour, and accomplished their tasks under the cover of night. Ahgra also had a much smaller group of exceptional Zenypi whom Ahgra kept close to him. These people made up the upper-ranks of the Zenypi, their special powers making them near impossible to defeat. Ahgra sent them out to kill Milinigh-se because she so rudely left him. However, in the time it took Ahgra to establish the Zenypi, Milinigh-se created her own group of followers to oppose the Zenypi. These warriors were called Ritew and for centuries they twarted the Zenypi's attempts at Milinigh-se's life. Unfortunately Milinigh-se was brutally murdered by a wilderbeast in one of her hunting expeditions. The Ritew were saddened by the death of their leader so, they killed Ahgra, believing that they were fufilling Milinigh-se's last wishes. The two groups were unable to put aside their differences aside and live in peace, thus they elected new leaders and continued their battle.


A/N-To explain things I added a prologue...please note that the chapters themselves are longer. This prologue is unbelievablely (sp?) short.