This is a true story, written just as it came to me. I will not put the real name of the girl whose story this is. If she reads it, she will know who I am. I write this to preserve her memory. The stuff in italics just remind me of her, and I don't know where all of them come from. Most are quotes, the rest are songs.

An Angel on Earth:

The Story of a Princess

By Angel Rodriguez

"Born with wings of light and a sword of faith, this heavenly incarnation embodies both fury and purity."

I remember the first time I saw her. Her hair was pale brown, almost blonde. She was so small, smaller then me, but then she was only five. Her ocean blue 'Sailor Moon' eyes looked around the small classroom, resting on my face. She smiled. I smiled back. We were the best of friends after that. A baby in a first-grade classroom, the Princess quickly became the one every bully picked on. And I was always there to protect her. I fought them. Like I tried to fight her demons that appeared later in her life. Thinking back, I always wished that the demons were as easy as the bullies were.

"Good is not a 'thing'. No, Good is a vision we all share and strive to make real."

We had so much fun, the Princess and I. We played together every day. I pushed her on the swings, laughing along with her as her pigtails flew back and forth and her dazzling smile appeared on her face. She was so adorable when she played. She could spin around and around for hours, deriving complete bliss from the small movement. Princess would play at everything, making even the toughest tasks a game. She helped me with language; I helped her with math. We were inseparable.

"There are terrors lurking in the unseen corners of us all."

I remember when she came to school after being gone for weeks. I asked her where she had been. At eight, I was so much taller then her. I looked down into her eyes. Her tormented eyes, eyes that would become hollow. "I was with my mommy;" she answered, and looked down. Princess missed lots of school in our third-grade year. Later on, when we were seventh-graders, she told me the reason why. Her mother had sold her and her sister Jordan to some people that lived in Pixley. Sold her own children for drugs. Her own flesh and blood. My Princess was a slave to those people, taking care of children and walking to the store for them. Her mother picked them up later...but the pain was still there. It will always be there, in the Princesses eyes. Eyes that shed no tears when she told me what had happened to her. Eyes that didn't care.

"It is our duty to endure."

It was the seventh grade that everything messed up in Princesses life. Before, we had had great times. Everything was good from the fourth grade to the seventh grade. But then, it hit. Princesses' uncle moved into her home. That was problem number one. Then her mother had a baby that was so messed up from drugs it couldn't live without being on a respirator. This involved the children's social services into Princesses life. Princesses one joy...her sister Chanclyn, was taken away and put into a foster home. I remember when it happened.

"An end to reason, an end to order. Forget all that has been."

I had called her. Her grandmother told me that she was gone, she had gone over to Sally's house. Sally and I were tight, so I went over. The door was ajar. I went in. I heard sobbing in Sally's bedroom. Thinking that Juan had hit Sally, I ran into the room. Sally wasn't there. The Princess was. She lay on the bed, sobbing and holding a half-empty bottle of tequila. I ran to her and hugged her. All she said was... "The bastards took my Chancie." I held her sobbing form until she fell asleep.

"Stray not into the path of darkness, or be lost forever."

The weeks after that were hard for Princess. Her uncle, hating her because she was half Mexican, constantly called her names. His favorite was "the fucking bitch". I hated him, and still do. I knew the Princess well. There was no one sweeter, nicer, willing to help, no one so capable of loving someone completely, honestly, and forever. She was not a bitch. Far from it. But he still called her names. Princess started to retreat into herself, she started to drink and do weed constantly. I told her not to, but she shook her head. "I can't stop," she would whisper. All through our seventh grade year, Princess never laughed, never cried, and hardly spoke. She would sit with me, my arm around her, and look straight ahead, never speaking, never moving.

"Life's balance is as a star: on one point is Law, and Law must be upheld. If the knots of order are loosened, chaos will spill through."

In our eighth grade year, disaster struck in the shape of a sophomore named Jorge Davila. The reason for most of the pain in Princesses eyes. She had just started to open up, to be her usual loving, playing self again. No one knew how they started going out. He was obsessed with her though, everyone knew it. I knew why, it was because of her light, the merriness that emanated from every part of her, the golden light that was once again gracing the earth with its presence. The bastard took the light from her, buried it deep inside her, and almost killed her. I blame myself for not doing anything.

"Where hope has no champion, evil rules all."

I remember the day she didn't come to school. In my fourth period class, I felt a jolt of pain flash through my body. I knew something had happened to her. I rushed through the rest of the day, ran away from the school to her house. No one was home, her grandmother didn't come home until five, and her uncle was out, drinking most likely. I didn't bother to knock, I knew she was there. I ran into her room and stopped short. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

"I'll be your cloud up in the sky

I'll be your shoulder when you cry

I'll hear your voices when you're calling

I am your angel.

And when all hope is gone, I am here

No matter how far you are I am near

It makes no difference who you are

I am your angel

I am your angel."

Princess was hunched in a corner, her hair covering her face, her arms and legs covered by only a sheet. A bloody sheet. She was shaking. I rushed to her and touched her arm. A low whimper was all I heard. I pushed back her hair and looked at her face. A cut ran down her cheek, her face was bruised and her eyes were squeezed shut, tears gushing out of the corners. I asked her what had happened, I didn't think of calling the police, in Delano, we take care of our own problems. She didn't answer. I picked her up carefully and carried her to the bed. Slowly, I removed the sheet. She was too weak to protest. I won't describe the bruises, the bite marks, the cuts...the blood that streaked her legs. I knew what had happened. The bastard had raped her.

"When one's word is law, one's whim is equally binding."

I cleaned her up as best as I could. I dressed her and held her trembling body as she sobbed the story out to me. It was the last time I would see her cry.

"Anger is fleeting, remorse is eternal."

I stayed with her until her uncle came. Leaving her asleep, I ran to my cousin's house and told him to call Eddie. Eddie had known Princess and me since first grade. He lived in Delano, was twenty-one, and was married. He was...and still is the leader of the Nortenos, a highly respected and influential gang that stretches from Tijuana, Mexico to Portland, Oregon. He wasted no time in having Jorge 'taken care of'. But the damage had still been done. And Jorge, not caring what Eddie did, still 'visited' the Princess. After that one time though, she had ceased to care.

"On my death I give you this treasure, the knowledge that life is hard, yet too soon past."

She confided in me that she wanted to die. She welcomed death. Never laughing, never crying, never anything but an indifferent look on her face. Until you looked into her eyes. Eyes that had become fathomless, hollow, and filled with a pool of pain and sorrow. Sadness, but never hate. Princess could never hate. No matter what anyone did to her, she could not hate them. It was intriguing that a human could not feel hate, but then Princess was not human. She was an angel.

"In the Gathering, there is strength for all who founder, renewal for all who languish, love for all who sing."

In the end of our eighth grade year, Jorge broke it off with Princess. With him gone, Sally, Redia, Antonia, and I were able to bring a part of the Princess we knew and loved back. Until Jorge came back. She had changed, though. Instead of shutting everything off, Princess hid her pain under a facade of happiness and playfulness. He only 'visited' her once in a while. She was embarrassed to go to school, though. Princess always ditched high school with a girl named Jessica. They went to Carlos' house and stayed there all day. Then Jorge, whom Princess was scared of, made her drop out of high school. It wasn't bad for her, Princess was not the type who liked or enjoyed school. She hated it. Even though, she still got her diploma through Valencia.

"Nothing endures but change."

Then another devastating thing happened to us. Something that affected us all, but was the hardest on Princess. Our Antonia, who had been dealing with problems of her own, overdosed on heroin and died. Princess blamed herself, she thought that she should have noticed Toni's sadness. No one could convince her otherwise. Princess was depressed for months. Then, the worst thing in the world happened, the thing that brought Princess to the edge of total destruction.

"Opposite Law is Grace, and Grace must be preserved. If the strands of Grace are unraveled, it's design will be lost, and the people with it."

We were at Sally's house, just chilling. Redia and Princess were outside. It was dark. Princess was laughing, and Sally, Juan, and I smiled at each other. We knew she was coming back to us. Sally was discussing Jorge's latest words: he would kill Princess. We didn't worry though; the man was going to be taken care of by Eddie...this time for good. Suddenly, I heard Princess scream, a gunshot rang throughout the apartment, and the sounds of a car screeching away filled our ears. Sally, Juan, and I ran outside. Redia lay on the ground, blood everywhere. Princess kneeled before her, sobbing. Redia had been shot.

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I look at my life and realize there is nothing left..."

With what I gathered from Princess and people who had witnessed the event, a black car had pulled up to the apartment. Princess was standing with her back to the road, Redia was talking to her, looking at the car. The window rolled down, a gun came out, Redia opened her mouth in shock, and Princess turned to see what was the matter. The gun was aimed at Princess, but before Princess realized what was happening, Redia pushed Princess out of the way, taking the bullet for her. The car sped away, leaving a sobbing Princess and most unfortunately, the body of a beloved friend. Redia died instantly, the bullet piercing her heart.

"They say I've got to learn but nobody's here to teach me

If they can't understand it, how can they reach me?

I guess they can't

I guess they won't

I guess they front

That's why I know my life is outta luck, fool."

The days passed, and Princess grew more and more depressed. She would go with me to Sally's house, only to lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling. I had the worst feeling that something would happen to her. The light that had surrounded her all her life had disappeared. The day I knew would come came three months after Redia's death.

"Your enemies will pound upon the door of your defenses, but only you shall have the key, and it is the key of life."

Sally, Juan, and I had been watching her. We all had a feeling that she would try to kill herself. We were right. I walked into her bedroom and looked at her. She didn't know I was there. She was crying and holding a knife. She looked in the mirror and put the knife to her wrist. Then, she saw me. She looked in my eyes, and the knife dropped. Princess began to sob. "I'm sorry..." she cried. I held her as she lay there, crying. "I know," I said simply.

"Hope comes in many shapes and sizes."

After that day, Princess realized that her friends would have wanted her to live. She slowly began to come back to us. Her Tia helped her a lot, by giving her something interesting to do. Princess began to learn how to amplify her psychic powers. With something to learn, something to focus on, she became happy again. Then Princess got involved with another guy...Salvador Madrigal. He slowly brought her out of the little bit of depression she had left and brought her back to us.

"Stars are like coins dropped into the night: their life buys safe passage.'

After she had been with him a year, I moved away from Delano to be with my sister Angelica in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then I moved from there to Guatemala, from where I type this. I haven't been able to reach the Princess, but I know she thinks of me. I feel her happiness. The bad thing is, I am sick. I am dying of leukemia. She will never see me again, and I can never see her, yet I feel a sense of happiness. My Princess is happy, therefore so am I. Princess, if by some miracle you ever see this...remember me. Remember your Angel. I love you, and when I die, I will watch over you.

"I am light. I am dark. I must give my life to serve; not even death can release me."

Siempre Hace Frio

Este corazon aun te quiere

ya esta muriendo tarde con tarde

Como se muere la luz de dia

ya no puedo mas, tu me haces falta

Adonde estas, adonde estas

Matame cielo, tragame tierra

Quiero morime si no vuelve mas

Ya podras tener

El mundo entero

Y entre tus manos toda la dicha

y otro carino mejor que el mio

Pero ya veras

Que todo acaba

Y aal verte solo como hoy me siento

Siempre hace frio