A/N: Hey ppl I no mi speling hasn't been that gr8 an ppl hav been flaymin mi 4 it so i got mi freind chloe (she's an honors student) 2 umm...wat do u call it...oh ya proofreed mi poems so they wil have proper speling n gramar n w/e. also i stoped usin numbers insted of leters even tho it lookd rly kewl. chloe lyks mi poems a lot btw n called them "meeningful n hartbreaking."

Anywai i hope this wil mak mi peoms better.


Now that you've gone away

I look into the blank white space

Where you used to be

And try hopefully


As my wrists are opened
and the razor is stained an unforgiving red

To fill that void

With a pool

A lake

Of glistening crimson

And as surely as I know this pain will never end

I know that you will never come back

No matter how much blood I shed

No matter how many tears

On this dark, cold winter's night

Everything is just an agonizing canvas

Of brutal red

And soulless white

A/N: wow i think ive improoved alot! I hope u do 2! I even made a rime in that last stansa! Thx chloe i luv u soooooo much u hav no idea how much u hav helpd mi. i culd nev erdo this gramar stuff on mi own. If u reeders hav ani sugesstishuns plz let mi no!

Luv, jessie

(i 4got to ask chloe 2 proofreed the autor's notez but i dont think its rly importtint.)