Josh Dies (Scene III)

ben wuest


I'm seeing angels

I'm talking in my sleep

This constant vagabond

Reminds me of who I'd just been.

There's something wrong here;

I'm not invisible.

Destroying myself piece-for-piece

I'm digging a big hole.

It took so long for me to change my old self

Into a newer, saner version of the same old me.

It took a long time for the habits to break

So why am I feeling sick all over again?

I'm so afraid of the past left behind me

I can't believe I was so naïve.

There seems no answer

To the questions that I make.

This premonition

Tells me what is to be my fate.

I'm not a monster, so I'm told

I'm not falling through a tidal wave

I want to live my life again

Not the one I lived back then!

Stop the crying, stop the hurt,

Wipe the puke off my shirt

From the alcohol, stop the whoring around.

To be a better person I must prove to myself

That I can be independent. Yet…